Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Boo is a Comedian-- Vol III.

Like a lot of guys, Donny didn't understand how I got so attached to the Hunger Games books, why in the world I went to the movie at midnight, then again three days later, etc. So, when I told him that next on my to-read list was the Twilight series, he didn't take it so well...

Me:  I've decided to read the Twilight series.
D:  What are you, 14?

.... Later...

Me:  I got the book!
D:  Why why why??
Me:  Curiosity.
D:  Let me sum it up for you.  There's an emo chick who is weird/confused/lost, but she falls in love with werewolf boy and glittery vampire boy. Then she's got to decide which freak of nature to spend the rest of her adolescence with... You know, until she grows up and realizes that the whole premise is ridiculous.
Me:  You know that's going on the blog, right?


  1. Haha well you gotta give it to him- it's a pretty accurate description!

  2. BAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, I agree. It is a pretty accurate description!

  3. LOL, my husband doesn't get it either, but he's not wrong!

  4. I'm glad he can give you such great blog material! Hahaha!

  5. haha, I read his explanation to my mom and she laughed.

  6. Bahahahaha!! Donny is right but it's one of the best love stories ever!!!

  7. Ahahaha, are Donny and Nate twins?! This is exactly what he would say, ha!

  8. I'm with Donny on this one...there are simply too many other worthwhile reads.


  9. Hahahaha!! This is hilarious!!!!