Wednesday, April 11, 2012

First Time for Everything?

I've never been a victim of crime.  This fact is pretty impressive given my lackadaisical attitude toward it.  I've (unintentionally) left my house unlocked overnight, my back sliding door open while gone, my car unlocked for hours, etc.  I've gone 28 years and been fortunate to never have a problem.

Until yesterday.

I went to a park to walk with my friend Stacy.  I left my purse in the floorboard of the driver's seat, tucked under the seat (as much as it would allow, which apparently wasn't enough).  We walked around the track for about 45 minutes.  When we got back to the car, this is what I saw:

Without touching anything, I looked in the window and realized my Coach purse was missing.  A quick survey told me that nothing else appeared to be.  Fortunately, my phone was not in my purse, so I could call 911.  The operator was rude-- I wasn't at an address per se, I was at a park off a particular street.  I tried to explain to her where I was, but she kept asking what the address was and told me she couldn't tell the police where to come without an address because that street is a main highway.  Finally, she figured it out and told me the police would be there within the hour.  Great.

Fortunately, the police officer arrived within 15 minutes and was much more delightful than the 911 operator.  He told me could call forensics and have them dust for prints, but since the window was busted and nothing else was missing, there was little reason to think that they touched the door handle or anything inside.  Plus, there would be black powder everywhere in my car.  I knew there wouldn't be any prints (in my experience with these things, there never are), so I told him not to call forensics.

I opened the door to make sure nothing else was missing, and there wasn't.  My uber-expensive flute and piccolo were safely in the front seat, so I was really glad they didn't take those.  

The officer was very friendly and apologetic that there was likely nothing that would be recovered.  He gave me the report number and went on his way.  Stacy stayed with me for a bit, helped me clean out the car enough to drive without shards of glass stabbing me, and even offered to buy me dinner.  But I just wanted to go home.

I immediately began calling my bank, credit card companies, etc.  They had used one of my credit cards, and I got the locations and times for the police.  About an hour after he left me, I got a call from the officer that gave me a little hope.  A woman had seen some guys throw stuff into a dumpster behind her store then ran off.  She had found something with my name on it!  So, I went down there to meet the officer and see what I could salvage.

Sadly, most of what was recovered was from another break-in that they had apparently committed.  Some other lady's purse, her credit cards, her makeup, her medications, etc. were all in the dumpster.  Very little of my stuff.  I got back my Vera Bradley wallet (which had been completely emptied), a bunch of receipts, some store rewards cards, my dental insurance card, and stuff like that.

I did get back these mementos, which had been in my wallet as well.  I had forgotten that they were in there, but would have been so sad they were gone when it finally dawned on me.  I'm so thankful I have them again.

Card from flowers from Donny on Valentine's Day

Ticket stub from the Rangers game last May with Donny 

My dad and I went back to the dumpster this morning before work and found a few other papers and cards.  Definitely stuff I'm glad to have back and was sad to lose, but nothing of financial value.

Yes, this is an absolute pain in the neck, but I'm so blessed that I'm not alone.  Even without credit cards, debit card, driver's license, cash, or car that I can leave unattended, I'm not stranded thanks to family, friends, and co-workers who have been SO helpful and sweet.


  1. Ugh I'm so sorry that happened to you :( But I'm glad you got some things back! People suck!

  2. Omigosh, I'm so sorry this happened!! :-( SO scary. Glad you're okay. We've had two of our cars broken into (well, not like yours) on the EXACT TWO NIGHTS that we randomly happened to leave our cars unlocked. Talk about freaky right?! Makes me think that criminals often do locked door checks more often than we know, and we live in a REALLY nice neighborhood. An iPod and some checks were stollen, so I know a *little* about the pain in the butt that you've had to go through. Again, glad you're okay!!

  3. That sucks. So sorry that happen. Glad your phone and flute were not stolen.

  4. Sweet friend, I cant imagine how violated you must feel. When I was 4 I remember my mom and I coming out of the mall and her car had been broken into while we were in there. I remember having nightmares for weeks. I hope you are ok and Im so glad you got back those memories. Cards and license can always be replaced. Plus bonus you can take a new picture :) Love ya!

  5. That totally sucks!!! People are SO sucky sometimes. It's crazy how a break in and/or theft can make you feel incredibly violated. I was at a private party two years ago for a friend's birthday. I left my purse to get a drink, and came back and it was gone. So, someone AT THE PARTY had taken my things. It was my fault for leaving it unattended, but who thinks at a private party for someone's bday that your purse will get stolen. Totally sucked, so I feel your pain. I'm glad you're not hurt and you got the momentoes back!

  6. I am sorry that happened. I have that attitude where I think bad things like that won't happen. I am glad you got some of your important things back!

  7. People are such scum, seriously! I'm so sorry you had to go through something like this sweet girl!

  8. I really cannot believe how horrible people are! I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what I would do. It just sucks that people would do such a thing.

  9. I hate that this happened to you. Hopefully this will be the first and last time you have to experience this. Glad you got some of your sentimental items back though!

  10. how awful! I'm so glad it all turned out all right in the end. I just hate that people think it's okay to do this to someone.

  11. Ironically enough....guess what happened to ME this weekend? :(

  12. I'm sorry this happened- glad they found them though.

    Hey- May 23!! I know that date!!

    Here's hoping this week goes better! **hugs**