Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday's Letters.


Dear Friday... I'm so glad you're here.  This week has seemed very, very long.

Dear US Airways... Please let me get on a flight this Thursday with my standby ticket at a decent hour so I get to Dallas before midnight.  Okay?  Thanks.

Dear Criminals Who Stole My Stuff... I'm glad you were caught.  But I couldn't care less if you go to jail-- I just want you to pay me back for my crap!

Dear USPS... I appreciate you getting mail from NC to TX super fast this week.  :)

Dear Wells Fargo... Your employees in the branch in my building are slightly incompetent.  Thank you for hiring at least one guy who I can call to fix the mess they made.

Dear I love you so much.  Watching the Yankee and Ranger games online while simultaneously watching the Orlando Magic game on tv??  Yes, I might have done that this week...

Dear Sonic... I'm a little obsessed with your cranberry limeade.  How about you made a "diet" version like the cherry limeade though and help a girl out?

Dear Chick fil A... While I'm on the subject, why must you make the banana pudding milkshake look so delicious??  I want one of these so badly.  Must. Not. Give. In.

Happy Friday, y'all!!  :)