Monday, April 9, 2012


I Am... a Child of the King.
I Want... an unlimited shopping spree at Sephora.
I Have... a spending cap.
I Wish... The Boy was here (or I was there, whatevs).
I Hate... that the Yankees are 0-3 (no gloating from any of you...)
I Fear... tornadoes, heights, and bees.
I Hear... the people in my office talking, phones ringing, the typewriter...  
I Search... for cheap airfare to Dallas all the time.
I Wonder... how different married life will be. 
I Regret... very little.
I Love... the amazing people in my life.
I Ache... a little from my first P90x workout this weekend.  But not as much as I would've thought.
I Always... hit the snooze button then have to run around like a mad woman to get to work on time.
I Usually... like my job and the people I work with.
I Am Not... as excited to play tennis this year as I have been before.  This will probably be my last season for a little while.
I Dance... EVERY TIME I hear certain songs (Carryout, Yeah, etc...) 
I Sing... in the car.  Loudly.
I Never... mow the yard.  Thank goodness that my dad loves me enough to help me out!
I Rarely... wake up early.  I am much more of a night owl.
I Cry... not very often.  But always at sad movies and books.
I Am Not Always... talkative or chatty.  Sometimes (often) I just like to be quiet.
I'm Confused... about why everything wedding-related is so ridiculously expensive.  
I Need... a salary raise.  For sure.
I Promise... to blog about the excitement of this weekend sometime soon... (what a teaser!!)  ;)

Thanks for the inspiration for today's post, Vicki! :)


  1. Love this :) And I won't gloat about the Yankees losing....I am NOT a fan of them, but it's still only the beginning of the season, so you never know what can happen ;)

  2. An unlimited shopping spree at Sephora! I think I could totally use one of those too :)

  3. P90X? You go girl! It's a great program :)

  4. If you get an unlimited shopping spree at Sephora, hook me up too! :)

    I would also like a salary rise. Ahhh, that'd be great.

  5. I can honestly say that married life isn't that different. You will have more stresses persay as you combine as one but personally for me because we lived together before tying the knot, it made it a LOT easier. If I could pass along any advice as well it would be get all your wedding stuff done one week before the wedding and allow yourself to enjoy!