Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wedding Wednesday (on Thursday)-- Vol. IV.

Y'all, it's officially less than seven months until the wedding-- 205 days to be exact.  HOLY COW.  I go back and forth from feeling like I have a good handle on things to feeling like I've got a bajillion things to do and they'll never get done.

Progress since my last update:

I bought a dress!!  I can't post a picture here since Donny reads the blog.  But I'm absolutely in love with it.  I had a pretty good idea of what I liked before I started.  And even though I tried on millions of dresses, sure enough-- the one I ended up ordering is just about what I had imagined.

I hired a wedding planner and coordinator.  Hallelujah.  Jamie's going to help me stay on track, keep on budget, plan the details, deal with vendors, etc...  I think my favorite thing she is going to do is that for two weeks before the wedding, no vendors call me-- they all call her.  She deals with EVERYTHING instead of me.  I love her already...

We booked our photographer.  This actually happened a while ago.  I can't believe I haven't told you guys about them before.  I LOVE our photographer!  It's a husband and wife team.  I met them at a bridal show and instantly hit it off with Renee, the wife.  She's so funny, and the two of them together are fantastic.  They're baseball lovers, so I know they'll get along great with Donny.  Haha. (Although they are from Boston, so they're Red Sox fans. Guess I can't expect perfection...)

I found our ceremony pianist.  I don't really want a lot of elaborate music at the ceremony-- no harp, no string quartet, no orchestra, no soloist.  I just want a nice, simple ceremony.  I thought about an acoustic guitar, but ultimately decided to go with the piano.  Ashley plays for the orchestra I'm in, and she's fantastic.

We ordered our cake. When Donny was here in March, we went to a few cake tastings, and Regi was BY FAR our favorite.  She was so sweet, and we designed our cake right there in her kitchen.  She was also very reasonably priced.  My mouth is watering just remembering her cake...

Next on the agenda:

Invitations.  There are SO MANY invitation options!  It's enough to drive a girl crazy.  I like something not too elaborate, but not boring.  I love the idea of the initial "H" on them like these:

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Wedding Favors. Have you guys been to weddings with particularly good wedding favors?? I think food is probably the best bet. I like these ideas:


Cake Pops

Hershey Kisses or other candy

DJ, Videographer and Florist.  I need to get on finding these last three vendors. Then all of the wedding day people will be in place!


  1. Yay for wedding planning! If you're getting married in a church, check to make sure they allow wedding planners. I'm glad I didn't hire one because I found out that they wouldn't be allowed in the church and that you have to use the church's planner whenever you are inside those doors.

    We did the hershey's kisses favors. I put 2 dark and 1 hug inside white tulle, tied it with a wine ribbon and had a little card attached that said, "hugs and kisses from the newlywed mr and mrs" and they were a hit. The best favor I got by far, and I use it a lot, would be the pint glasses we got from a friends wedding that are the perfect size for drinks. They had them monogrammed for every guest. It was a neat idea.

  2. Honestly, I think favors are a waste unless you find something REALLY good. One of our friends did a photo booth instead of favors and I think that was by far the best thing ever!!! We have our pictures still hanging on our fridge and it was so much fun with all the props. Another friend did a photo booth and a candy bar and I love that idea as well. I know candy bars are over done, but I still think they are huge hits.

    Sounds like you are getting everything in order!! Your photographer looks amazing!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! Your wedding is coming RIGHT along!! So exciting. One of the best wedding favors I've gotten was a cute little box that had 2 different cookies along with their recipes. One was from the groom's grandmother, and one from the bride's grandmother. It was so sweet! Only problem is choosing which grandmother you'll use... lol

  4. Eeek, so exciting! I can't wait to see your dress. As far as favors go, I've seen those kisses & also personalized M&Ms. Or things like koozies, you can keep!

  5. You've gotten so much done!! For wedding favors I like the cookies. But most of the weddings I go to just put a note in the program stating rather than favors a donation was made to x charity. That's my personal favorite. Keep up the good work!

  6. Weehoo!! I can't wait to see the dress. Looking forward to going bridesmaid dress shopping next month! :)

  7. IF I ever get engaged Im letting you plan my wedding haha

  8. Everyone should have a wedding planner, even it's just a day of coordinator!

    My favorite wedding favor was when a couple brought in Marble Slab to serve ice cream to their guests.

  9. You go girl! Things sound like they're clicking into place!