Friday, May 25, 2012

Cookies, Muppets, and Louis Vuitton.

I finally got to watch the Bachelorette last night!  (For some reason, Donny didn't want to watch it while I was in Dallas on Monday night... weird.)

"Be My King in the Queen City"
First up-- the one on one date with Ryan.  He was one of my favorites from the beginning.  He's super nice and polite.  She comments more than once about how good looking he is, which apparently makes her nervous because Brad was also good looking.  (Clearly Emily has some residual baggage to deal with from Brad.) 

Their first stop was baking cookies for her kid's soccer team.  Yay?  Ryan was expecting something spectacular, but got BAKING COOKIES.  I laughed pretty hard at the face he made.  But he hung in there and ended up seemingly enjoying it.  I actually liked it a lot.  Yes, this is The Bachelorette, but I like the fact that they have at least integrated some semblance of Emily's real life.  It's not all fairy tale and craziness.  

But, of course it is a tv show, so they had to go a little over the top.  Including a Maserati and red carpet entrance to a restaurant in Charlotte followed by a "private" concert by Gloriana (who??), during which the two danced on a platform in front of 100 people.  Not weird at all...

During dinner, Ryan made it clear that he likes a chase.  Emily is concerned that after the chase is over that he'll lose interest.  She is also worried that he views her as a prize to be won. He assures her that neither is the case-- he's looking for love and is here for the "right reasons."  Then, in true damaged-girl fashion, she starts to be worried that he's "too perfect."   

Not to worry-- Mr. Too Perfect gets the rose.

"Let's Set the Stage for Love"
The thirteen (twelve? I couldn't keep count) dudes and Emily put on a variety show for the Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care at the Levine Children's Hospital.  With The MUPPETS!!  They sang, they danced, they attempted to make jokes, etc.  The guy with the head trauma (I don't remember his name) didn't want to speak in front of people, so Emily told him he could sing instead.  Is that better?  (I did love Chris Harrison and the Muppet Statler heckling from the crowd.)

The good stuff came later at the always-exciting cocktail party.  Jef has some awkward one-on-one time with Emily (which apparently is what she likes since he gets the rose).  Then Kalon and Stevie once again get into a kerfuffle (yes, it's a word).  Kalon "steals" Emily from Stevie.  Some other dude then comes and "steals" Emily from Kalon, which delights Roid Rage.  

Y'all, Kalon is annoying.  He has a bizarre speaking manner that I can't quite figure out.  Plus, he thinks he's such a smooth talker.  But, Stevie is just as annoying.  He needs to chill out.  And they both need to go home.

"Come Close to My Heart"
The last one on one date this week goes to Dawson, I mean, Joe.  Whatever.  They jet to West Virginia to some resort and spa.  Joe says all the right things, but this might be the most boring date EVER.  Emily isn't feeling it either, so he doesn't get a rose.  Adios, Dawson!  Fortunately, there wasn't a dock at this resort for him to ugly cry on...

Back at the mansion, Kalon is pissing people off left and right.  He insults both Emily and Doug about their children.  He's doing a great job as the villain so far this season.

Rose Ceremony
The guys who didn't get a date with Emily this week are anxiously awaiting their turn with her when they all realize that Ryan (of the successful one-on-one date) has squirreled Emily away.  So after a pep talk from his buds, Tony decides to go break up that party.  Only one problem-- Ryan has given Emily a letter to read.  A SEVEN PAGE LETTER.  Um, what??  So Tony gets to stand there while Emily reads it out loud.  Nope, not awkward at all...  (Side note-- Ryan is still my favorite, but this makes me wonder about him a little.)

More eye-daggers are thrown at Kalon and his Louis Vuitton luggage, but Chris Harrison comes to save the day before actual harm could be done.

Guys already with roses:  Ryan and Jef
Guys receiving roses: Arie, Michael, Nate, Sean, Chris, Doug, Travis, Tony, John/Wolf, Alessandro, Charlie, Kalon, Stevie, and Alejandro
Guys already home: Dawson
Guys going home: Aaron and Kyle

And on a totally other note, did y'all see the audition of Bree on So You Think You Can Dance??  I'm not usually one to get sucked in by a good story (I'm much more inclined to roll my eyes at a clear attempt to pull heartstrings), but I loved this.  Her daughter's dance?  ADORABLE.  Watch to the end-- you won't regret it.  (Nigel is such a softie-- love it.)


  1. oh my gosh that was absolutely adorable!

  2. Last night was the first time I watched SYTYCD, and I loved that mom and daughter (too much!).

    On Ryan -- He already had a one-on-one date AND a rose. I thought it was incredibly rude of him to take up Emily's time at the cocktail party.

  3. 1. that is one adorable dancing baby
    2. I do not know how you watch the Bachelor...I saw this episode at a friend's and I was like What!? I do not know what self respecting man with a decent job is doing on that show.
    3. Dawson - yeah, that guy was boring. My friend said she just re-watched Dawson's and she was Team Dawson! I didn't know those people actually existed. I mean, seriously. He really didn't have all that much going for him. Pacey was the obvious choice.

  4. I watched the dancing show last night. That little girl was precious!!

    I'm not super into The Bachelorette yet. I never like the beginning because there are too many guys to keep track of. I like it once it starts getting narrowed down - then I get more invested into the men. I loved that they made cookies though! Probably one of the more normal things they've done on this show. I always tell my BF that if I was on the show, I'd have a date of going to the grocery store together and figuring out what to make for dinner, OR order a pizza together. That's a big sign of compatibility! haha.

  5. I still cant believe Im watching the bachelorette this season.....ooof