Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's Okay.

It's okay...

... To have to buy chapstick in bulk because I lose them all the time.

I found this little guy (again) today!

... To refuse to go back to closed toed shoes even though it was cold today. It's May = sandals only.

... To like watching Friends reruns on Nick at Nite even though I have the whole series on DVD.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

... To be more than a little upset that they moved Friends out of the 11-midnight time slot for stupid Yes, Dear.  Who wants to fall asleep to that??

... To want to go to bed early every night but to stay up instead because there's too much going on that I don't want to miss.

... To still consider DRob to be Houdini even though he blew the save last night.  He's still amazing.

... To want to avoid facebook like the plague because of all the political talk on it (thanks for that, Amendment One...) but to not be able to turn it off.

... To lose respect for people based on their rude comments towards others who didn't vote they way they thought everyone should have.


  1. Love me some Friends!!!! Also, I don't believe closed toe shoes should even be ALLOWED in May!

  2. I watch friends whenever its on even though I have the DVDs no shame :)

  3. I'm so with you on the Facebook/Amendment 1 drama. I seriously hope November isn't this bad...

  4. I SO HEAR YOU on facebook politics. We don't have your amendment 1, but they are trying to recall the governor and it's awful. and has been going on for well over a year. I can't wait for the final election next month!! Then we can move the heck on.

  5. I LOVE watching Friends on TV, and yeah why would they put Yes, Dear on instead? That show kinda gets on my nerves. I'm with you on FB.. I can't stay away but peoples' comments really get to me sometimes.

  6. The facebook politics is annoying AND changes my opinion of some people I know.. so bad. I'm the same way about chapstick though! I lose it like nobody's business

  7. Facebook politic-ing is the worst, since so many people do it in such a close-minded, disrespectful way. There's always a Facebook fight going on between classmates, and I can never look at them the same.

    I also have been trying to get to sleep earlier, but ALWAYS stay up late, usually for good TV. With the Bachelorette starting on Monday, I know that bedtime will be pushed back now. dangit.

  8. OMG. I'm seriously considering unfriending a couple people for their reactions to Amendment One not passing yesterday. It was beyond ridiculous. I considered updating my status to combat their stupidity, but I didn't feel like adding to the ridiculousness. Sigh.

    Oh, and that episode of Friends? LOVE. ;-) I would kill to have Friends on DVD!

  9. awww.. i heart friends. i can never get enough of it!


  10. I love your last statement. I have real issues with that. We are free to vote as we choose and we all have our own oppinions!