Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Okay.

It's okay...

... to have slept over nine hours last night and still be exhausted.  My body doesn't like me to travel apparently.

... to be more than a little excited that Dawson's Creek is now on Netflix (especially since I just re-watched the whole series just a few months ago...).

... to have missed sleeping in my own bed more than anything (and anyone) else while I was on vacay in Texas.

... to blog while at work.

... to NEED this blog planner.  A lot.

... to not care who won American Idol last night.

... but to be so stoked for So You Think You Can Dance tonight!

... to need a weekend to myself to recover from my vacay.


  1. *Stopping over via Neely and Amber's link-up*

    Of course they put Dawson's Creek on Netflix after I put my account on hold. Gah!! I just don't have time to watch Netflix during baseball season. But maybe it'll still be on there next winter when I'm searching for something to watch.

  2. I am sooo with ya..I cannot get in to American Idol anymore :/
    I loooove Dawson's Creek!

  3. that blog planner is amazing. I want one!! and I can't get into American Idol anymore either..

  4. I don't care about American Idol either. I can honestly say this is the first season I did not watch the entire season, I lost interest way back in the beginning.

  5. I always feel way overtired after a vacation. I hope this weekend you can relax a bit!!

  6. sooooooooo excited for so you think you can dance!

  7. I'm watching SYTYCD now! LOVE this show!

  8. I can't wait to watch SYTYCD! That is, *if* it is available on Hulu... I had no idea Dawson's Creek is on Netflix now!!! I have something to watch again, woo! =D

    I'm kind of over American Idol. I watched last year, since it was the first year with Steven Tyler, but I didn't exactly enjoy it. I'd much rather watch Adam Levine on The Voice. ;-)

  9. I haven't gotten anything done this week because of Dawson's Creek getting added to netflix. haha.