Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Weekend in Cowtown-- Part Two.

If you missed the first part of my weekend, you can catch up here.  While the first part of the trip was super busy, the second was chill and relaxed and made this trip probably my favorite weekend with Donny to date.

On Saturday he had class, so we headed to Fort Worth.  I hung out on the campus for a bit and finished reading my book.  It was an absolutely gorgeous morning, and they have a super nice deck overlooking the Trinity River.  It was the perfect place to hang out while I was waiting.

After he finished up with his morning class, we headed to Sundance Square, a place we go every time I come to visit.  We spent a while browsing at Barnes & Noble then had lunch at Razzoo's.  He headed back to campus for the afternoon, and I kicked around downtown Fort Worth.  I know I've said it before, but I absolutely love downtown Fort Worth.  It's so nice and clean and not crazy crowded but with some cute shops and plenty to keep me entertained.  One of my favorite stores is Retro Cowboy.  It's a store with all sorts of Texas stuff-- books, jewelry, shirts, souvenirs, etc.  Here are some of my fave finds from this trip:

I'm SO disappointed that my engagement ring did not 
come in a cowboy hat box like this!!

We were staying the night at the Omni Fort Worth, so I went to check in and take a nap while I waited for Donny to finally get out of his afternoon class.  The hotel was great-- it was very swanky and chic, yet VERY Texan.

After Donny got done with class, we went to the Fort Worth Water Gardens, which were right across the street from the Omni.  It has three different pools throughout the park grounds-- a quiet one, an aerated one (with fountains in it constantly spraying water), and an active pool (more of a fountain that has steps allowing you can walk down into the water.

It was such a cool place!!  There were a TON of prom-goers there taking their pre-prom pictures.  There was also a dance or gymnastics competition at the convention center next door, so there were also a bunch of pre-teen girls there in spandex.  I'd definitely love to go back when it's not as crowded.  Donny decided that he would take a million pictures of me while we were there (which is fair I guess, considering I've been known to do the same with him...).  But at some point, I told him if he took another picture of me, his tea was going to be all over his camera!  Ha.

He did get some good pictures though!

After our water garden adventure, we went back to the hotel and got ready for a night out on the town.  

I knew he had made reservations at a restaurant, but I didn't know until Saturday that we were going to Texas de Brazil.  O.M.G., y'all-- this place was AMAZING.  Next time, I'll know that the salad bar is unnecessary.  Just wait for the main course-- the meat.  More than a dozen different kinds of meat came by our table.  We left absolutely stuffed.  SO GOOD.

After dinner, we went to see Five Year Engagement.  I had really high hopes for this movie, but I was kind of disappointed.  There were definitely some funny parts to it, but overall I thought it was a little depressing.  We headed back to the hotel and stopped at the Whiskey & Rye bar in the hotel (where apparently they do some broadcasts for ESPN radio) and watched the Mavs game before calling it a night.

Our package at the hotel included breakfast either via room service or in the restaurant downstairs on Sunday morning.  Um, duh-- room service!  I thought the breakfast was amazing.  Overall, our stay at the Omni was great.  But, I did have one bone to pick with them.  We had to pay for parking in the FW Convention Center deck because the hotel didn't have its own parking.  I didn't know this until we got there, and I read every inch of their website.  If that information is on there, it is well hidden.  And that kind of information should've been made more clear.  Other than that, though, it was wonderful.

Sadly, we had to check out of the hotel at noon and headed back toward Dallas.  After a stop in Arlington at the mall for a little while, we got back to Donny's apartment and dozed during watched Lady and the Tramp.  I hadn't seen this move since I was really little, so I was super excited about it.  It was just as cute as I remembered!  And of course, the evening consisted of watching baseball.  :)

Monday morning, we were up at 3:30am and I was on my way back to NC by 5:15am.  This was the seventh time that one of us has gotten on a plane to fly far, far away from the other, but this was one of the hardest for me.  I've been really sad since I left-- more than usual.  But I'm trying to take comfort in the fact that my next trip is literally less than three weeks away, and we will be celebrating our one year anniversary!


  1. Aww you guys are way too cute, I love reading about your weekend adventures!! Are you moving to Texas when y'all get married?

  2. I liked the movie but C was disappointed :/

  3. Looks like you guys has lots of fun! My bakery was featured in the 5 Year Engagement-they actually filmed at my work! I don't usually go to the movies, but I may rent it just to see it lol

  4. So glad you had a good trip! I need to pick your brain for flying tips; I haven't flown since pre-9/11 and I'm pretty sure things have changed. Can't wait to go to DFW in July!

  5. Looks like such a super fun time!!
    Engagement ring in a box like that? I looove it!! Heehe ;) (Only thanks!)
    One year anniversary..yay!! So exciting!
    Lady & the Tramp is my favorite <3

  6. I'm glad you had so much fun - those pools look awesome. and you even got Donny smiling in a photo - excellent.

  7. Oh wow, ya'lls hotel room looked nice!! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip!