Monday, June 18, 2012

Baseball and Dead Presidents.

Friday, my friend Emily and I set off for a quick trip to DC.  I wanted to see the Yankees, and she was up for a weekend away, so it worked out perfectly!  I somehow managed to remember to pack my camera, but not the battery for my camera that I had charged.  So, all I have are phone pics.  But they'll do the trick!

From here to DC is around 5 hours.  Google maps thinks it's 6, but that's a lie.  Although once we hit this traffic about an hour south of the beltway, it ended up being pretty dead on. 

Our first stop was to pick up our tickets from the guy I found on craigslist.  His house was about a mile from our hotel, so it was perfect!

We stayed in Arlington, but took the metro into the city for a late dinner.  We went to this restaurant called Indique in the Cleveland Park neighborhood.  Oh my gosh.  It was AMAZING Indian food.  Seriously unbelievable.  We were starving by that time, so I didn't even remember to take a picture of the food before we dug in.

We briefly walked around for a few minutes then headed back to the hotel to get some rest.  Saturday, we got up early to hit some of the monuments before going to the ballpark since she had never been to DC before.  (Sidenote: we spent a LOT of time this trip waiting on the Metro.  I don't remember ever waiting for that long for trains to come when I lived there.  Maybe though I've just gotten more impatient as I've aged.)

Emily waiting for the metro!

White House

Washington Monument

WWII Memorial-- my fave

Lincoln Memorial

We also saw the Korean War Memorial and the MLK, Jr. Memorial, neither of which I had ever seen.  They were pretty awesome.  Then we headed to the ballpark.

This was the PNC Diamond Club.  The food looked amazing, and Emily wanted in.

The game didn't end until the 14th inning, but we had a long drive ahead, so we left at the 13th.  So, I missed Teixeira's game winning double for the Yankees, but I didn't even care.  I was exhausted and ready to head home, but I knew we had a few more stops to make.  

We got to the hotel, grabbed a quick dinner, then headed BACK into Georgetown to get some cupcakes!  We went to this awesome place called Baked & Wired.  These definitely rank right up there with some of the best cupcakes I've ever had.  I got a lemon blueberry one, and holy cow it was delicious.

Then, we did a quick driving tour of Capitol Hill.  Before heading out.

The Capitol

Library of Congress

The Supreme Court

On our way home, we had to take a detour off of I-95 in Richmond due to a wreck that had closed the whole highway.  So, we stopped at a gas station to take a break and figure out a new way to get home.  While we were there, I opened the bathroom door into my foot, ripping off my big toenail in its entirety.  Delightful...  Oddly enough, it didn't hurt THAT much and not for very long.  Emily closed her eyes and put a band aid on me, then we were on our way back home. I made it back to my house right at 2am Sunday morning, fixed up my toe, and went to SLEEP.

Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my family. It was both Father's Day and my dad's birthday, so I hung out with him most of the afternoon before coming home to crash.

What a weekend!


  1. I love, love, love Washington D.C.!!!!! Looks like such a great trip for y'all!

  2. Hey we have a pig like that at Cleveland!!

    I am sooooo jealous of your trip, I miss that city!! WWII memorial is my favorite, too. I'm glad you had a great time!!

  3. I LOVE Washington DC. But it sounds creepy when you refer to "the guy I found on Craigslist." FYI. ;)

  4. I'm hoping to get back to DC one of these days...I loved it when I was there years ago!

  5. I really want to visit DC haven't been since 99! Ugh about your toe. Keep it covered so it won't get infected!

  6. So jealous; D.C. is such a great city. Between the monuments and game, looks like you had a blast! Is Baked and Wired better than Georgetown Cupcakes?

  7. Sounds like a whirlwind trip! Sometimes that's just what's needed.

  8. Sounds fun, I love a good road trip!

  9. looks like a blast! I've never been to DC but i really feel like I have to soon!