Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Bermuda Triangle.

Today's Bachelorette recap will be short and sweet.  Well, maybe not sweet...

Emily-- I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm starting to REALLY like Emily.  I did not like her at all when this season started, but she's continued to show actual maturity throughout this season.

Ryan-- I can appreciate the fact that Ryan wants to decide whether Emily is actually the right woman for him and doesn't want to fall for her just because she's the Bachelorette.  However, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this.  He has totally gone the wrong way.  Not to mention that once again, the guy just won't SHUT UP.  I can't handle him anymore.

Jef-- This guy continues to grow on me week after week.  (Except for that unfortunate khaki shorts and blue knee socks incident at the rose ceremony...)  I think he knows exactly what he's doing by keeping Emily dangling a little bit and not kissing her right away.  Unlike some people...

Doug-- Oh, Doug... Doug was on my short list for Emily, and he'll probably still make it pretty far with her.  But, there's something off about him.  I agreed with Emily-- it seems like he was being insincere with his answers to her.  But what really ended Doug's run for me was when he said he wasn't the kind of guy to make the first move.  Sure, you've got to feel like the moment's right, but she seemed to be giving signals that he just wasn't picking up on.  Sometimes, dude, you've just got to go for it.  There's a difference between not kissing her for tactical reasons and not kissing her because you're scared of making the first move.  Man up, Doug.

Arie and Sean are still great.  Kalon is still an idiot.  I still like Chris, and get why he was defensive although I think he didn't handle it the best way possible.  The rest weren't noteworthy.  Even the two-on-one was the most boring and awkward two-on-one date I've ever seen. I didn't know either of those guys before last night, and I still don't.

Thoughts?  I know several of you will probably disagree with me about Doug.  Is ANYONE still Team Ryan??


  1. I'm still crying over the fact that Charlie wasn't given a rose. *tear*


  2. My recap is very similar!! Jef's socks were horrendous!I love Arie and Sean. I wantb to like Doug, but something is holding me back. Why the heck is Kalon still there?

  3. Doug has reached the unlikable stage now which is too bad b/c I liked him before. He just bugs me. . . Sean is a cutie. Arie is ok but I dislike that he is a race car drive b/c of the whole hx with her. . . Ryan is dumb! Although he is such a smooth talker I don't see him lasting much longer if he keeps saying things that he thinks are flirting but just come off rude.

  4. I'm with you on ALL of this. I was kind of annoyed with Emily at the start of this season, mainly with how things went down on her other season, but after this episode I really really am liking her again. I particularly enjoyed when she told Chris Harrison that if she's asked her thoughts, she'll tell it like it is! She needs to get rid of Ryan for sure....and most of them except Arie and Sean :)

  5. loving this re-cap! sean is my top favorite, arie is not anymore because he has a past. and ryan i think he thinks it is all just a game and if he is the last one standing then he wins!

  6. I wasn't sold on Emily before the season started either, but I am really starting to like her. She's honest, she's asking hard but important questions, she doesn't seem flighty, and she isn't pretending that she's in love with anyone yet. There are guys she has connection with, but she's not overstating or exaggerating her emotions. I really like that about her.

  7. I'm team Doug & Arie...I used to be team Ryan but I feel he's just there to be there and he thinks he's the mackdaddy of them all.

  8. About 5 mins into the first episode I decided I couldnt handle watching Emily for a whole season...

    but since you say she is getting better I might have to start watching, I do miss it!


  9. Is it weird that instead of actually watching the show I just read your re-caps? :)

  10. I actually agree with you about Doug! I was really put off by that statement about not making the first move. Be a man, dude!!

    And I laughed so hard at Jef's fashion choice for the rose ceremony.

    And, like you, I really thought Emily showed so much more maturity in this episode--especially with Ryan, who reminds me of Wes from Jillian's season which is SO not good.