Tuesday, June 12, 2012

London Calling.

Lots of excitement (of the good and bad variety) this week!  So, let's jump right in.

-- Do I really need to rehash how fantastic Sean is? I mean, he's a Texas man who loves Jesus. Clearly, he's my type. Thankfully, I have mine, so y'all can fight over Sean.

After his date with her, I said if Emily doesn't pick him, then she's crazy.  Until Jef, that is...

Shakespeare in the Park-- This was a cool date.  Some of the guys were better sports about it than others... Travis was hilarious, while Doug and Arie made the most out of having to dress up like women.  

Ryan would NOT shut up about how he got to kiss Emily.  Which is funny because he had been telling her not too long ago that she needed to be an "example" and not kiss so many men...  But of course, that doesn't mean him.

Kalon--  I know that I CAN'T recap this week without mentioning Kalon, although I'd seriously love to.  His weirdest moment to me was when he literally shooed Emily away during rehearsal for the play.  "We need to get back to rehearsal, so you can run along."  Um, does he not get that he's supposed to be trying to woo her?

Then, of course the crap hit the fan when Emily found out that he had called her daughter "baggage."  This was not news really to anyone who has been paying attention.  He told her a few weeks ago that he always wanted his first child to be HIS.  So, I don't know why this was so shocking.  Oh well, he's gone, which is all that matters (only to return to Bachelor Pad this summer, I fear...)

Jef-- He has been kind of an enigma these last few weeks.  I thought he was weird, but there was something about him that I liked.  Then this week, he really shined.  Their date (which started out weird with an etiquette lesson...) was my favorite of the week.


He's still a little off-center.  I mean he knows who (handbag-designer) Chloe is.  I didn't even know this kind of fashion information.  I had to ask twitter, and thanks to Meghan, I know now that she's like "Louis Vuitton on speed."


But, there's just something about this weird guy that Emily (and the rest of us, apparently) likes.


Ryan-- The most ridiculous part of this week's episode actually had nothing to do with Kalon. It was Ryan's scarf. What the heck is this??

Leaving us this week were Kalon (hallelujah) and Alejandro (who didn't see that one coming, really?).  Next stop on this Bachelorette train is Croatia.  Granted, the place looks beautiful, but who really travels to Europe to visit Croatia?

What about you ladies?  Team Jef?  Sean?  Arie?  


  1. Hahahaha! I love what you said about Ryan's scarf - so hilarious! I love your re-cap - thanks so much for linking up today girlie! :)

  2. ooh I loooove Jef! I love him but I'm not sure him & emily are right for eachother. definitely Sean & Arie to round out the top 3!

  3. TEAM ARIE! :)

    Thanks for linking up with Meg & I...hope you'll like up every week.

    Yes, wtf was UP with Ryan's scarf. Get him the HECK outta here!

  4. haha, a couple friend of mine and my bf's just got married and their honeymoon is Turkey and Croatia...so people do it lol.
    I think Kalon should have been gone a while ago, and Ryan needs to go as well. I don't like him. Let's just fast forward to Arie, Sean and Jef in the end please! :)

  5. Team Arie for sure! But I still like Sean and Jef too. :) Yea, Ryan and his ugly scarf just need to go. I can't even stand to hear him speak anymore. So obnoxious!

  6. I'm really starting to like Jef too...and Ryan, he's just too cocky!

  7. I saw your link up with Meg today. I'm on all three teams right now: Sean, Arie and Jef. I need more time. Ha. Omg, yes Ryan's scarf was ridiculous! And Kalon shooooing Emily was crazy rude. I mean what was he thinking?? It's about time she kicked him off!!

  8. I like Sean and really hope she picks him. Jef is sweet but there is still something odd about him that I can't put my finger on. . . I wish they didn't make the guys do such stupid things on group dates. It gets so dumb and I feel bad that they have to go through that just for some 1 on 1 time!!

  9. I really like Sean and then he would be a perfect hubbie! Jef seems nice, but I think he would be weird. I have heard that Ryan is a really great guy in real life, but they are portraying him terribly on purpose. Shocker right?

  10. Through some random clicking on various blogs I ran across yours, and girl I am glad I did. I saw this recap and just died laughing. It was like you were reading my thoughts.

    Really the scarf has to go. And he had another one on at the rose ceremony!! WHAT??

    Can I just say that I adore Travis!! If Emily doesn't want him I will gladly take him.

  11. Haha!! This cracks me up that you quoted me on that! Too funny!! Ah! I'm so torn between Bachelorette and Olympic Trials tonight.