Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Questions on My Mind Right Now.

Do I really want to watch baseball when I finally have season 1 of The West Wing back again?

How does one get a pedicure without a toenail on her big toe?

Why do cupcakes taunt me with their deliciousness?

Do I really need to clean my house for a certain houseguest next weekend? He's a boy-- they're used to dirt, right??

Where oh where did I put my fave MAC foundation?

What color should I paint my kitchen?

Where did all these clothes come from that are currently strewn about my bedroom?

Yep-- lots of deep thinking here tonight...


  1. If you do get a pedicure you should get 1/10th of the price off! Tell them I said!

  2. And no you don't need to clean for said boy. You can tell him I said that too!

  3. Ha, love it!! I totally hear you with the cupcake thing....deadly!


  4. No need to clean for said boy...he won't notice anyway!

  5. I'm one of your new followers...my mom actually got a pedicure and had them put on a fake nail on her big toe! it worked!

  6. I say, go for baseball since it's only on once.
    Usually the technician's don't mind little things like a missing toe nail.
    No need to clean, just throw the clothes in the hamper.
    As for the foundation, check your carry on from the last trip.

  7. No, you don't need to clean for the boy. He's there to see YOU, not the house.
    Baseball trumps the West Wings.
    What kind of theme do you want to go for in the kitchen?