Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Randoms.

... My favorite sunglasses broke.  I'm the world's worst at keeping track of anything sunglasses, and these had actually survived for over a year.  I'm very sad to see them go.

... I won Neely's giveaway a few weeks ago for a personalized otterbox from Spotted Whimsy Design, and I'm LOVING this iPhone case!  I also love that it has my new monogram on it even if it is a little early.  :)  

... I made this Beef Stroganoff in the crock pot last week that I found on pinterest.  I used greek yogurt instead of sour cream and cream cheese, and it worked great!  It needed a little more flavor and creaminess, so I'll put in some more yogurt next time.  But otherwise, it was delish!

... I spent a ridiculous amount of time yesterday on etsy trying to figure out bridesmaid gifts.  I think I have a quasi-plan now, but if y'all have gotten some fantastic gift or have any ideas/suggestions, I'd love to hear them!


  1. Ummm. YUM. The beef stroganoff looks soooo tasty. And love your otterbox!! I ordered a personalized otterbox like 4 weeks ago and it is SUPPOSED to show up today!! SOOO EXCITED :-D

  2. One of the best things to include in bridemaids gifts is flats to wear at the reception! My friends this summer have given Toms and Tory Burch flip flops...but even just a fun, cheap sandal would be better than wearing heels throughout the entire reception. I definitely changed out of mine about 15 minutes in.

    We also got monogrammed robes to wear at the casual luncheon and we changed out of our dresses and back into the robes between pictures and the ceremony. It was great to have that option.

  3. that iphone case is so cute! i've been wanting a monogrammed case but they're that hard plastic and if i dropped my phone (which i always do) my phone would surely bust. i might have to look into the one you got!

  4. Love the glasses look. Ha! I didn't know you won that giveaway. Fun. Love the case! I can't wait for the new iPhone so I can upgrade and get a new case!

  5. Love your iPhone case!!! =D Super cute. I have the same problem with sunglasses. I lose or break them far too often. I lost my absolute favorite pair on our honeymoon. I was dumb and wore them to the beach...got in the water and a wave slapped me and took my sunglasses. Sigh. I finally found a good pair (after 3 years, ugh!) and then they broke on my birthday last year. So far the current replacements are still around... We'll see how long these last! =P

  6. mmm I love beef stroganoff!
    Sorry about the shades girl-that's why I stick to target ones!

    Let me know if you need any (virtual) help with wedding stuffs! :)

  7. Ok for about 1/2 of a second I thought you had a tattoo on your forehead!! :D