Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello, September!

September is my favorite month of the year (closely followed by December).  September is traditionally home to my favorite things:

Cooler temperatures

College football

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (pumpkin anything, really)

Sweaters, hoodies, and blankets

Trips to the mountains

This September, I have even more to look forward to!

Donny's move to NC

Our engagement pictures

My bachelorette weekend at the beach

A trip to Chapel Hill for a football game

It's going to be a super busy but amazing month.  Welcome, September!!  :)


  1. Where are you getting your pics done? Which beach for your bachelorette? That will be ver fun!

  2. Assuming hurricane isaac doesn't do too much damage to MO, I'm supposed to go to my first mizzou college game on Saturday. Let's hope it goes bye bye for at least a little bit :)

  3. autumn has always been my favorite too. :) Sounds like you've made some enjoyable plans! Speaking of... If you and Donnie ever head up toward Hanging Rock or Pilot Mtn, we'd love to invite you both over for a meal.


  4. Wow! You do have a big month coming! How exciting. Can't wait to see the engagement pictures.

  5. You have lots of exciting things coming up in September :)!