Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Katie Currently.

Yes, I know that Jenn's linkup isn't technically until tomorrow, but I'm participating a day early! :)

{current book(s)}
Right now, I"m reading Rob Lowe's memoir-- Stories I Only Tell My Friends.  I'm loving it.

{current color}
Bright colors (pinks, purples, greens...) -- I've been wearing more color in my wardrobe recently. Turns out that I kind of like wearing more colors than black, grey, and blue. Who knew?

{current food}
Goldfish. Neely was talking about Goldfish on twitter a while ago, and that set off a craving for them that's lasted for almost two weeks now. I can't get enough.

{current favorite show(s)}
The Olympics!  I haven't been watching much else.  Except Bachelor Pad, which is a hot mess that I can't manage to tear myself away from.

{current needs}
A bigger suitcase that is still a carry-on. I'm taking Donny's birthday present with me, and I'm starting to fear that I should have shipped it.

{current triumphs} 
I've had a lot of success at work the last couple weeks that have been awesome. Cases against my clients dismissed, some fantastic sentencing hearing, and not guilty verdicts.  

current banes of my existence 
Political ads-- Romney, Obama, blah blah blah.  I just want to watch the Olympics!

current #1 blessing 
Donny.  He makes me smile.  :)

{current indulgence}
Sundresses. I may have gone slightly overboard with the shopping this past week.

{current outfit}
Black LOFT sundress with my new pink cardigan

current excitement 
My trip to Dallas this weekend!  We have some big things planned, and I'm super excited for them. :)

current mood 
Very happy!

{current favorite quote or verse}
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

{current wish list item(s)}
Source: via Katie on Pinterest

{current favorite product(s)}
DirecTV.  It really is the best tv service out there.  They've got like a dozen channels showing hours of Olympic coverage.  It's awesome.  Not to mention the fact that Donny is dealing with so much headache from Time Warner Cable right now (and has for the last year he's had the service).  I'm so glad DirecTV is going to be in our house for a long, long time.


  1. Look at you being all early with this post! Ha! Love the bracelet. What is your new monogram going to be? I'm loving color this summer too!

  2. I love all the things in this post-- it makes me smile! Olympics are definitely awesome and I could watch them all day. I'm glad work is going well for you and hope you have a good time in DFW this weekend :)

  3. I am obsessed with the Olympics (but not so much with NBC's coverage). Also, right there with you on all those political ads. The only thing they're accomplishing is making me annoyed with BOTH candidates.

  4. cute bracelet!

    i LOVE golfish crackers too :)

  5. Doesn't it seem that the folks on Bachelor Pad this season are a certain level of crazy? I mean more so that past seasons...I just can't tear myself away from it!

  6. Loving all your new sundresses - where did you go to get them?

    oooh, I want a monogram bracelet too, that's so cute!

  7. I HATE that the Bachelor Pad sucks me in EVERY TIME...such a waste of my time!