Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Update.

This weekend FLEW by.  Since Donny and I got engaged, I've been counting the weekends I have until he's finally here.  And now there's only one left.  ONE more weekend without him around.  Holy cow, time is flying by so fast...

This weekend, I spent Friday night mostly relaxing by myself and kind of cleaning up a little for Saturday.  Then Saturday, my mom came over to help me clean out some space for Donny.  (Since I guess he needs somewhere to put his stuff...  He's very demanding that way.)  Plus, it's been a while since I've cleaned out my closet and dresser, so I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to get rid of anyway.

We ended up cleaning out my kitchen cabinets first though.  (Yes, he even wants space in the kitchen.  Isn't a dresser drawer enough for this man??)  Although as it turned out, most of the food in my kitchen cabinets had been there a WHILE and/or was boxed crap that I'm never going to eat again anyway.  So, out it all went!

While I'm at home cleaning, I get this picture from Donny:

Okay, maybe I added the caption, but I'm pretty sure this is what he was thinking!  He was at the Rangers game and ended up also at the Cowboys game after that.  All while I was home slaving away making room for him...

I had a ton of clothes that are too big for me to wear that I was happy to put in the Goodwill pile.  However, my mom suggested that I keep them as future maternity clothes.  Haha!  So, I now have a pretty good size stash of clothes to wear when I am pregnant (in the faaaaaaaar away future...)!

We got rid of bags and bags of clothes-- some heading to Goodwill, others heading to a consignment store whenever I get around to dropping them off.  And, it was a great day spent with my mom.

After she left, I checked the mail to find a special delivery.  Donny randomly sent me Andre Agassi's book, which I have been wanting to read!  So, I spent the rest of the night chilling with Andre.
Ladies take note-- find a man who will monitor your 
Amazon wish list and send you stuff from it!  ;)

Sunday was busy, busy, busy.  After church in the am, I went to my grandmother's house for Sunday lunch like usual.  But, I had to leave almost immediately to go to Greensboro for an appointment with Morgan for a trial run of my wedding makeup.  I spent a while with her playing with all the products at Ulta (where she works).

After the makeup trial run, I then had to rush to a church in Greensboro.  This summer, our choir and orchestra has paired up with Lawndale Baptist Church for two big concerts-- one at our church in June and the other at theirs yesterday.  We had rehearsal in the afternoon, a quick dinner, then it was time for the concert, which was AMAZING.  I wish I had pics or a video of our actual concert, but these are some of the songs by another choir:

"Thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head." Psalm 3

"Mighty Warrior, great Jehovah 
Victor yes only You are worthy 
Awesome Helper, my Redeemer 
Healer yes only You are worthy 
Sovereign Master, my Creator 
God of everything 
You are worthy to be praised"

"And then He walked down the road and died on the cross 
that was the end...of the beginning."

And then, just like that, I was home, spending the rest of the night dealing with Donny's car drama (as much as I can from 1200 miles away), working on wedding stuff, and watching Aladdin on tv before finally going to bed!


  1. I recorded Aladin on my DVR for when my niece sleeps over next (hopefully this wkend! That is good that you got rid of stuff you don't need. It always feels so good to declutter. I'm sure it will feel weird to all of a sudden be sharing your space but worth it since you won't have to be in a long distance relationship anymore!!!!

  2. Time sure is moving quickly!!

  3. Wow!!! That is quite a weekend!! Also, what a sweetie sending you a book :-)

    Just stopped by from Mingle Monday!
    Missy x

  4. Haha that picture is something my husband would do!

  5. Donny is SO sweet to send you the book that he saw you wanted on Amazon. I've gotta get Nate trained to do these kinda things ;)

    So exciting that there's only one more weekend between y'all!