Monday, September 3, 2012

Last Days as a Party of One.

This week marks my last five (four and a half, really) days of living alone.  On Friday afternoon, I fly to Dallas, and Donny and I will immediately turn around and drive back to NC.

I seriously could not be more excited that Donny and I are FINALLY going to be in the same state.  In fact, I'm pretty excited about a lot of things:

-No more air travel this year (except the honeymoon, obviously)
-No more having to ask another attorney to cover my court cases
-No more crying myself to sleep because I miss him so much and he's so far away
-Real live dates where he comes and picks me up and takes me home
-Someone to go to sporting events with me
-Hugs and kisses more than once a month or every six weeks
-Watching fall tv premieres together
-Watching the Yankees win the World Series together...

But I'm also kind of nervous.  I've lived alone since I graduated college.  So, I've had seven years to get pretty set in my ways.  Even though we've been together for a year, we haven't been physically in the same place for more than four or five days at a time.  Sometimes being in a long distance relationship feels as if you aren't in a "real" relationship since you're still almost entirely independent.  

In fact, it's been years since I've had a boyfriend with whom I spent all my time.  And this time it's not just a boyfriend but someone who will be my husband in two months.  It's going to be a major adjustment for us both.  (Of course, I can only imagine how it will be for him leaving everything he knows and moving halfway across the country.)  There are several things I'm going to miss:

-Alone time-- I'm a girl who looooves her alone time.
-Impromptu Chipotle/movie dates with girlfriends
-Family time-- Obviously I'm still going to see my family, but it will be different
-Not cleaning up my dishes immediately and no one knowing
-Not having to be accountable to anyone but me
-Going to Texas-- I've started to consider it my second home, and I'm going to miss being there and seeing my friends so often
-Sleeping in my own bed and being at my own house (I'm staying with Emily before the wedding while Donny lives in my house)

There's so much that's going to change, and yes it makes me pretty anxious.  But every change and sacrifice is worth it so that I can see this handsome face every single day.  There's nothing I wouldn't give for that.  :)


  1. Don't stop the impromptu chipotle dates with friends. Keep doing things that you've done while being without him, and it will make the change less difficult. Also, you'll still need alone time. You should totally take alone time too. Tim and I do it all the time, and it's nice that we can go to different places and do whatever we want for bits at a time. It's exciting that he's coming to NC. 2 months? Wow! So soon!

  2. The time is almost here! Very exciting! I didn't realize that you guys weren't going to live together until after the wedding!

  3. It's going to be an adjustment for you, but it's a good adjustment :). I'm so excited for the both of you!

  4. Oh yes, there will be change, but I think you'll love it! I was in a long distance relationship with my husband till we got married...well actually he finally moved to my state two weeks before our wedding date so I know what it's like to only ever see your love for a bit at a time. But now that I have him with me I'd never want to go back to the long-distance days!

  5. Don't stop any of what you do now simply because you're going to be with a guy more than you are now. I still have my girl nights, he still has his guy nights. We have 2 tvs in 2 different rooms so if I want to watch something he doesn't, we go our separate ways...same with our computers. I'm glad he's coming to your neck of the woods, though, and it will be great :)

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  7. It's gonna be so much fun! I can't imagine how the two of you will feel once you'll finally be right there with each other as opposed to a flight away.

  8. it really is going to be a huge adjustment-but so exciting too! it's kind of cool that you guys get to start a whole new era of your relationship!