Thursday, September 6, 2012

Road Trip Essentials.

I've never done a huge road trip before.  The furthest I've driven was to Orlando with my family when I was in the fifth grade and again for our senior trip in high school.  And that drive is only about 9-10 hours.  Texas to NC is at least 18, but we're doing it in 2+ days.  So, I need to get prepared.

So far, I've got on my list:

Entertainment-- I've gotten a 30 day free trial of Rhapsody, so we pretty much have any music known to man, and Donny activated his satellite radio.  And of course we both have iPods.  So, I think we're all set.  Although perhaps I should get a book of quizzes or relationship games for us to play as we drive.  Donny will LOVE it!!  ;)

Snacks-- After doing the Advocare 24 day challenge (more on that to come...), my body will not let me eat crap anymore. If I eat fast food or anything greasy, I know I'll get sick. So, I need to bring my own decent food for the road.

Sunscreen-- I burn easily.  Even in a car, those sun rays find me!!

A pillow-- Donny plans to do all the driving even though I offered to help.  So, I may want a little nap with a pillow here or there.

Comfy Clothes-- This is my first trip to Texas where I haven't taken a dress, and it feels really weird.  Instead, my bag is full of sweats and lounge clothes.  

Sunglasses-- Duh.

Camera-- To document our adventure!!  

Anything else I need to remember??  Any road trip tips?


  1. The farthest I've done is 15 hours (to move John up here and then to visit his family). Now we did it all in one day.

    I'd say coffee and extra patience. ;) Other than that, you seem to have it covered. Maybe a blanket or clothes you can put on easily. Dress in layers. One of you is bound to be hotter or colder than the other at some point (or most points, if you're like me and John) of the trip!

  2. mad libs! I love mad libs. But-playing relationship games would be amaaazing! haha Donny would really love it, even if he said he didn't! :)

  3. My longest road trip that I actually drove or was in a car (and not a bus on a school trip...) was 9 hours. My dad and I listened to music, talked, and actually watched a few movies--I watched them while he drove, but they were playing through the speakers in my car so it was like he was watching them since he knew the movies anyway! That might be fun if you both have movies you love :)

    And maybe some caffeine. Yeah....that will seriously help :)

  4. We've made the drive from NC to AR so many times I've lost count. As someone else said, dressing in layers is a great idea. I tend to be cool in the mornings, but as the day goes on I get hot. Having a jacket or something to put on/take off is key! I also usually wear flip flops or shoes I can take off easily, especially if I'm not going to be doing any driving. I like to be comfy when in the car for that long!! You said you were going to anyway, but taking snacks is definitely a good idea. The less unplanned stopping you do, the better off you'll be. You could also take an audio book (or actual book) for extra entertainment. Joe and I usually do just fine with music, though. And of course you can always play some road trip games. =) No matter what you do, I know you'll have a fun road trip!

  5. comfy clothes are an absolute must for travel! i can never pack enough :)
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  6. Love your blog!

    xoxo Shauna

  7. I very much agree with your point of view. And I'm going to travel two days later. I will buy some snacks from wholesale central.