Monday, October 22, 2012

This Weekend I...

How is it Monday already??  I feel like I just left work on Friday afternoon, and I'm already back again!  I had an amazing weekend, and I was super sad to see it end.  Sidenote-- I just realized there are only two more until the wedding weekend!  Eeek!

This weekend, I...

... Had a celebratory engagement dinner thrown by my firm Thursday evening.  We all went to Firebirds (my fave) and had a great time.

... Had my second real date ever with Donny where he picked me up and dropped me off.  (Well, first if you require the place where I am picked up and dropped off to be my residence...)  He arrived at the door of my temporary apartment with flowers and a card.  :)  Then we headed to Greensboro for a yummy dinner, then went bowling.  I've been bowling one other time in the last ten years, but it is super fun!  I'm terrible at it, and Donny beat me pretty badly.  But I made up for my lack of bowling prowess when we got to the air hockey table, where I beat him 4 games in a row!

... Spent a significant amount of time in traffic.  We decided to go to the mountains this weekend-- specifically Boone, Blowing Rock, and Grandfather Mountain.  Of course, I didn't realize that there was a home game at Appalachian that day, so we got stuck in a little bit of gameday traffic...  But we made it.  We went to lunch at the Dan'l Boone Inn, which sadly was not as delicious as I remember.  Although the biscuits were amazing!

This is Donny's "Chenandeler Bong" smile.

... Got our "First Christmas" ornament!  After lunch in Boone, we headed to Blowing Rock to walk through town.  There's a super cute Christmas store there, and we picked up this ornament!  I love it so much!

... almost had a heart attack driving up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Grandfather Mountain.  Y'all, it's scary out there.  I am not a fan of heights, and there are parts of the BRP that make me feel like I'm about to go careening over the side of a mountain. But it does make for some pretty pictures.

We finally got to the top of Grandfather Mountain to discover that a mile above sea level is significantly cooler than even in the lower mountains.  It was 54 degrees in Blowing Rock, but only 39 at the top of the mountain.  Oh, and there were 30mph sustained winds.  Fun times!

Yay for windblown hair!  :)

... made it across the Mile High Swinging Bridge (which in 30mph winds actually does SWING...) and back down the mountain again without dying of either a precipitous fall or a panic attack, so I was happy!

...watched a funny but not great movie, Here Comes the Boom.  After spending quite a bit of Sunday working out a lot of wedding details, I wanted to see a funny movie.  I love Kevin James, so I was hoping this would be as amazing as Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Yes, I love that movie.  Don't judge me.).  Sadly, it wasn't as good.  Donny and I got some great laughs AT the movie, not as many WITH it though... Hahaha.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.  Hope you guys had a great weekend too!  :)


  1. Awww!!!! Love your ornament! I wish we had mountains to go look at. What a great weekend!

  2. I can't believe how soon your wedding is! I can't wait for it to be here! That was really nice of your firm to do a dinner for the two of you!

  3. You remind me so much of my good friend Rae, it makes me smile every time I see photos of you! Love it.

    Also, swinging bridge?! Are you crazy?! SO proud of you!

    Love that you guys are just about to get married and yet just had your second official date. So sweet!

  4. So sweet! Erica

  5. looks like you had a fun weekend!

  6. aw cute windblown photo! :) and-LOVE chanandler bong!! hahah

  7. I totally agree with you - this weekend went by way too fast and I'm mad at it. Can't believe there's only 2 more until the wedding though!!!!

    The whole date sounds adorable. As someone who has the long-distance blues, my heart is happy for you two finally being together.

  8. Wasn't this weekend basically just a blink?? So not fair. Good luck with your wedding! Mine was just 2 weeks ago and such a blast. Now I'm doing the waiting game for our professional photos, it's like torture!

  9. How cute that you went on a "real" second date- does that mean you two aren't living together until the wedding? I really admire that if that's the case- none of my business, you just don't hear that too much anymore!