Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday-- Bachelorette Weekend!

Wow, I am delinquent in posting about my bachelorette weekend!!  It was in SEPTEMBER, y'all.  But regardless, it was such a blast!

Jen, April, and I hit the road Friday (September 21...) around lunch and headed to Myrtle Beach to meet up with Emily, Sara, and Rebekah, who were already there getting things "ready for our arrival."

We walked into the oceanfront condo to find the place totally decked out for a bachelorette bash!

Each girl had a beach bag of goodies thanks to my awesome MOH Emily.

"Katie" confetti!

Each bedroom was a baseball base, and of course mine was home plate.

The dining room table (aka-- Penis Central) was 3rd.
And yes, those are penis straws...

First thing I did was take a quick walk on the beach!  I love the beach SO MUCH, and it was gorgeous weather.  Perfection.

After I came back from my walk and after everyone got settled in, we got ready for dinner.

My bachelorette chariot

We went to Rioz, a Brazilian steakhouse.  It was so good (although no Texas de Brazil...)!

Meat... good.

Please note how we're all using penis straws.  In public...

After dinner, we went back to the condo for some cake!  The cake was DELICOUS.  It was coconut (yes, that's toasted coconut on top...) and dairy-free.

Am I the only one who thinks it looks more like an acorn than a penis?
Whatever... It was yummy.

Then, it was time for nighttime putt-putt (I refuse to call it miniature golf).  Imagine six women who have had multiple glasses of champagne wandering around Jungle Golf with sunglasses on and music provided by one's iPhone in her back pocket, and you can get a glimpse of our evening.  One of the pictures on the left in this collage is Emily and me after we had collapsed in giggles on the 8th hole over something that we found hilarious.  We also stumbled upon a guy who was at the beach for his bachelor weekend!  

Baby zebra!

Saturday morning, I woke up early.  The ocean and beach are just so gorgeous early in the morning that I don't want to stay in bed and miss it.

Emily wasn't far behind me, so we started making breakfast for the crew.  And as it turned out, our condo didn't have a pan to make pancakes.  So, she made them on a cookie sheet on the stovetop.  Still turned out delicious.

We spent the rest of the day on Saturday at the beach, soaking up sun and relaxing.  And of course, I forgot to put sunscreen on the back of my legs.  They may have gotten slightly pink...

In the early afternoon, Jen and I went back up to the room for a minute to discover that our dishwasher had leaked all over the kitchen!  Fortunately, housekeeping was on our floor, so they came right over and cleaned it up.

Sara had to leave on Saturday and get home, so before she left, we had to do presents and the game that Emily had created.   

Emily made this board and "Katie" and "Donny" paper dolls!!  Y'all, this is the cutest thing ever.  I still have it sitting out in my house.  She had asked Donny questions, and I of course had to guess his answers.  He was the pitcher, and I was the batter running the bases.  Each question was either a single, double, triple, or home run.  

The penalty for a wrong answer was a penis jello shot.

I protested when I got this question wrong because Donny gave the wrong answer!  We met on the 21st!  And the crazy part is that he does actually know that.  Lol.

After presents and the game, it was pinata time!  April had put together this pinata with all sorts of goodies in it.  It took us a LONG time to finally break it open!  But then he hung there decapitated for the rest of the weekend...

Then it was time to hit the town!  We went to dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise and had the worst waitress ever.  After dinner, we went to Broadway at the Beach for a scavenger hunt, which turned out hilarious.  There were AT LEAST five other bachelorette parties there that night too.

Part of the scavenger hunt was to find someone named Donny, and we did!
Although he's not even remotely as hot as my Donny.

Y'all, I'm old.  By the time the clock struck midnight, this bride-to-be was ready to go home and go to sleep.  So, we did.  I think I was asleep by 1am.  What a party animal, right?

Sunday, I got up and took a last walk on the beach before we all came back home to NC.  It was a fantastic weekend with my girls.  I'm so blessed to have such good friends who have celebrated with me and helped make my engagement so special.


  1. What a great party and gives some great ideas for some parties I'm going to be hosting in the future :)

  2. Sounds like a great bachelorette weekend!! I mean, you really can't beat going to the beach with your best friends. :)

    I so love that you guys used the penis straws in public! I would've been mortified...haha! I was embarrassed enough when the girl who threw my bachelorette party broke out a toy penis at the restaurant. Ah, bachelorette parties. :)

  3. Looks like a fantastic time!! Not going to lie - that penis cake made me blush. Great idea to have it by the beach too!

  4. Looks like such a fun weekend away with friends. Got to love penis party favors (said no one ever)! So glad you had fun.

  5. It looks like y'all had so much fun!! and all the penis party favors... I blush in the face!! haha!

  6. Oh goodness, this looks like a TON of fun!!! I will have to remember all of these for when I help throw my friend's party in May!! LOVE the baseball game idea!!