Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Update.

Thanksgiving weekend is one of my favorite times of the year, and 2012 was no different.  We were really busy this weekend, but we had a lot of fun.

Thursday,  Donny and I went to my parents' house for Thanksgiving like I normally do.  We had good food and a great time with the whole crew.  

Thursday night, Donny went shopping at the Black Friday sales at midnight while I was sound asleep in the bed.  He found some good deals, but so did I when I went shopping online Friday morning.  #winning!  

Friday, I was prepared for a quiet and lazy day.  But then I ended up having to pick up some of my Christmas purchases at a store Greensboro.  So around lunchtime, we got ready to go out when I got an email from our wedding photographer that our pictures were ready!  And they sent me to a link of the online gallery.  So then we couldn't very well leave the house until we had looked at all 621 of them!  I absolutely love them!!  This one is one of my favorites:

Since we were on our way to Greensboro anyway, we stopped by the photographers' place and picked up our disc from them.  Trying to get through the shopping center was a nightmare!  Last year, I had no trouble after lunch, but not this year.  But, I finally got what I needed, and we made it home safely. 

Then we went out and got our Christmas tree!!  I didn't get a real tree last year, but holy cow prices have gone up since two years ago.  We paid the exorbitant amount and took our beautiful tree home.  I was nervous about decorating the tree without my mother, who is a Christmas tree decorating genius.  But I think Donny and I did just fine on our own this year.  :)   I even wrapped a gift to put under it so it didn't look so naked.  Haha.

Saturday, my boss had given us tickets to the Wake Forest-Vanderbilt game.  My parents, some friends of ours, and the two of us went.  And we made it to halftime...  It was so cold and so windy that we were all pretty much done.  (Not to mention that Vandy was absolutely killing Wake Forest.)    

Sunday was a pretty low-key day.  We went to church, had our usual Sunday lunch at my grandma's, showed off our wedding photos, and spent some quality time at Target before coming home to relax.  

All in all, a pretty great holiday weekend!  How was everyone else's long weekend??  


  1. I don't see where you went shopping for my Christmas gift. Oh I see, you knew I would read the blog and you didn't want me to see that you bought me something. That was smart! ;)

    I LOVE that picture of you two, it's my favorite too!!


  2. aw sooooo exciting getting those photos back!!!!

    there are two other things I love in this post.
    1. that purple sweater looks amazing on you!
    2. Donny went black friday shopping and you did not. haha.