Friday, August 31, 2012

Hello, September!

September is my favorite month of the year (closely followed by December).  September is traditionally home to my favorite things:

Cooler temperatures

College football

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (pumpkin anything, really)

Sweaters, hoodies, and blankets

Trips to the mountains

This September, I have even more to look forward to!

Donny's move to NC

Our engagement pictures

My bachelorette weekend at the beach

A trip to Chapel Hill for a football game

It's going to be a super busy but amazing month.  Welcome, September!!  :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesdsay-- Makeup.

I love makeup.  I like doing my own, I like doing friends', and I certainly love buying new makeup.  When I got engaged, my plan was to do my own makeup for the wedding.  But my brother's then-girlfriend, Morgan (who is a makeup artist), offered to do the makeup for the wedding party.  So, I said why not-- one less thing I have to worry about.  Plus, this way I know the girls will all match.  She and I have talked a couple times about what I wanted to do, so I know she had a good idea of what I wanted to look like.

This past Sunday, I met with Morgan to do a trial run of my wedding makeup.  Our wedding colors are navy blue and silver.  My bridesmaids will be in navy dresses, and I want to incorporate some blue into my eye makeup. I don't want it to be TOO dark because our wedding is in the afternoon, so an evening eye is not really appropriate.  However, I do want it to be a little more dramatic than normal since it is a special occasion.  These were some ideas I liked on pinterest:

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

So, I spent a while with Morgan while she worked on my face.  We made some changes mid-way through.  I ended up liking what she did-- it was exactly what I told her.  But, the whole time, all I could think is that I would do it differently.  Which, I realize, doesn't make sense since she did exactly what I told her.  It just became very clear that I'm a bit of a control freak about my makeup.  Most women hire a makeup artist so they don't have to stress about doing their own makeup.  I, however, am probably going to do my own so that I don't have to stress about someone else doing it.  Ha!

My problem now is that I need to decide what to do about the bridesmaids.  It seems kind of weird to have a makeup artist for the bridesmaids and not the bride.  But, I also want the girls to match each other.  If I had time, I'd LOVE to do their makeup myself.  But there's no way I'd be able to do that with everything else I have to do.  So, I may end up just letting everyone do their own within my parameters.  I'm not sure yet.  I'd love to hear any advice y'all have!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Update.

This weekend FLEW by.  Since Donny and I got engaged, I've been counting the weekends I have until he's finally here.  And now there's only one left.  ONE more weekend without him around.  Holy cow, time is flying by so fast...

This weekend, I spent Friday night mostly relaxing by myself and kind of cleaning up a little for Saturday.  Then Saturday, my mom came over to help me clean out some space for Donny.  (Since I guess he needs somewhere to put his stuff...  He's very demanding that way.)  Plus, it's been a while since I've cleaned out my closet and dresser, so I had a bunch of stuff I wanted to get rid of anyway.

We ended up cleaning out my kitchen cabinets first though.  (Yes, he even wants space in the kitchen.  Isn't a dresser drawer enough for this man??)  Although as it turned out, most of the food in my kitchen cabinets had been there a WHILE and/or was boxed crap that I'm never going to eat again anyway.  So, out it all went!

While I'm at home cleaning, I get this picture from Donny:

Okay, maybe I added the caption, but I'm pretty sure this is what he was thinking!  He was at the Rangers game and ended up also at the Cowboys game after that.  All while I was home slaving away making room for him...

I had a ton of clothes that are too big for me to wear that I was happy to put in the Goodwill pile.  However, my mom suggested that I keep them as future maternity clothes.  Haha!  So, I now have a pretty good size stash of clothes to wear when I am pregnant (in the faaaaaaaar away future...)!

We got rid of bags and bags of clothes-- some heading to Goodwill, others heading to a consignment store whenever I get around to dropping them off.  And, it was a great day spent with my mom.

After she left, I checked the mail to find a special delivery.  Donny randomly sent me Andre Agassi's book, which I have been wanting to read!  So, I spent the rest of the night chilling with Andre.
Ladies take note-- find a man who will monitor your 
Amazon wish list and send you stuff from it!  ;)

Sunday was busy, busy, busy.  After church in the am, I went to my grandmother's house for Sunday lunch like usual.  But, I had to leave almost immediately to go to Greensboro for an appointment with Morgan for a trial run of my wedding makeup.  I spent a while with her playing with all the products at Ulta (where she works).

After the makeup trial run, I then had to rush to a church in Greensboro.  This summer, our choir and orchestra has paired up with Lawndale Baptist Church for two big concerts-- one at our church in June and the other at theirs yesterday.  We had rehearsal in the afternoon, a quick dinner, then it was time for the concert, which was AMAZING.  I wish I had pics or a video of our actual concert, but these are some of the songs by another choir:

"Thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head." Psalm 3

"Mighty Warrior, great Jehovah 
Victor yes only You are worthy 
Awesome Helper, my Redeemer 
Healer yes only You are worthy 
Sovereign Master, my Creator 
God of everything 
You are worthy to be praised"

"And then He walked down the road and died on the cross 
that was the end...of the beginning."

And then, just like that, I was home, spending the rest of the night dealing with Donny's car drama (as much as I can from 1200 miles away), working on wedding stuff, and watching Aladdin on tv before finally going to bed!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wedding Planning and Book Club Friday.

I know I've been an absent blogger this week.  In my defense, I have been neck-deep in the land of wedding planning.  I had a minor panic attack when I realized that we have less than three months to go.  I have gotten SO much done this week.  But at the same time, I feel like my to-do list just keeps getting longer and longer and my deadline gets closer and closer.  Fortunately, I have a meeting with my wedding planner next week, who will hopefully help me get more organized.  Thank goodness for my mom and friends who have been more than willing to take on any task to help me.

When I did manage to get my brain to calm down about the wedding, I read Emily Giffin's new book, Where We Belong!  Like most of y'all, I love Emily Giffin and was so excited to get my hands on her new book.  I had to wait a few weeks to get it from the library, but I finally did.

GoodReads Synopsis: Marian Caldwell is a thirty-six year old television producer, living her dream in New York City. With a fulfilling career and satisfying relationship, she has convinced everyone, including herself, that her life is just as she wants it to be. But one night, Marian answers a knock on the door . . . only to find Kirby Rose, an eighteen-year-old girl with a key to a past that Marian thought she had sealed off forever. From the moment Kirby appears on her doorstep, Marian’s perfectly constructed world—and her very identity—will be shaken to its core, resurrecting ghosts and memories of a passionate young love affair that threaten everything that has come to define her.

For the precocious and determined Kirby, the encounter will spur a process of discovery that ushers her across the threshold of adulthood, forcing her to re-evaluate her family and future in a wise and bittersweet light. As the two women embark on a journey to find the one thing missing in their lives, each will come to recognize that where we belong is often where we least expect to find ourselves—a place that we may have willed ourselves to forget, but that the heart remembers forever.

My Thoughts:  I really liked this book.  Her last two have been big disappointments to me, but this one was great.  As always, Emily Giffin's writing is impeccable, and the story is told by multiple narrarators (which I love).  The premise of the story wasn't the most unique, but the characters were.  One of my favorite things about her writing is how fully she develops her characters, and Marian and Kirby are two of my favorites of hers.  I highly recommend this book!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Social-- Flashback!

Sunday Social

1. What were you like in Middle School/HS?
I was a lot like I am now and at the same time very different.  I was a lot more social than I am now and didn't realize the beauty of alone time.  And I've mellowed with age-- I was easily agitated when I was young.  (Can I blame that on having a little brother who played the drums under my bedroom??  Hahaha)  But in general, I was a really happy kid who had a lot of friends and did well in school.  Sure, there was your typical teenage angst, but I tried to keep my eye on the big picture and not get bogged down with it.

7th grade

8th grade

9th grade

10th grade  

11th grade 

2. What were your favorite past times?
I read A LOT when I was young.  I also played (and still do) the flute, piccolo, and piano.  I also spent a lot of time with my friends and at church.

3. What songs were you obsessed with?
I don't remember any songs in particular, but when I was really young (elementary school, I guess), I loved me some New Kids on the Block.  I had the dolls, bed sheets, towels, etc.  OBSESSED.

4. What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe?
Overalls.  I LOVED mine and wore them as often as possible (often with the super cool plaid shirt tied around my waist).  I should've listened to my mother who said they were hideous...

5. Who was your celeb crush?
Jonathan Brandis

Eddie Cibrian (from his Young and the Restless days)

Tiger Woods-- I was a little obsessed with him

Derek Jeter

6. What were your favorite tv shows/movies?
I remember loving The West Wing, Friends, Mad About You, ER, and 7th Heaven  in high school.  In middle school, there was Saved by the Bell and the TGIF lineup-- Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Step by Step, etc.

Friday, August 17, 2012

My Week in Numbers.

21... Days until I fly to Dallas to begin Donny's cross-country move!

4... Clients I've visited in jail this week.

3... Games the Yankees took from the series with the Rangers this week.

5... Books I currently have on loan from the library.

427... Episodes of Friends I've watched.  Or somewhere along those lines...

8... Days in a row I've cooked at home and not eaten out or gotten takeout!!

3... Stores I need to return stuff to.  I HATE having to go back and return stuff.  Sometimes, I'll just end up keeping it all b/c I never get back to the store...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wedding Shower.

While I was in Texas, some sweet ladies at Donny's church threw us a baseball party wedding shower!  Seriously-- there were baseballs everywhere.  It was so appropriate for us!  Unfortunately there were also Texas Rangers logos and no Yankees.  But I guess that's to be expected when you're IN Texas.

I think my favorite part was the cake.  Donny's "grandmother" Claudine made the cake to look like a baseball on a field with baseball cupcakes.  The only problem was the Rangers logo again...

The guestbook was a Rangers towel-- fortunately Donny's mom helped me out and put "Go Yankees" under her signature.  :)

Us with Donny's sister and mom

It was a great shower-- we got a chance to talk to a lot of people that won't be able to come to the wedding since it's in North Carolina.  It really meant a lot that they did this for us.

Monday, August 13, 2012

My Last Texas Vacay of 2012.

A week and a half ago was my last trip to Texas for the year.  Sad.  :(  I will be there for a couple hours in a few weeks when I fly in to drive with Donny and his stuff to NC, but that doesn't really count as a visit.  

Donny's birthday was Thursday, August 2.  I had told him that I would be flying in on Friday, August 3, but I actually had booked a flight on Thursday afternoon!  I also enlisted the services of Rachel and Monica to get him to a birthday dinner that night so I could surprise him.  My flight got in around 4:30pm, I got my bags and rental car by 5, but dinner wasn't until 7:30.  So, I did what any impatient person would do-- I drove to his apartment to surprise him there!  :)

He opened the door, and said "I knew it!"  Haha.  He had thought I might show up at dinner that night.  (It's possible that I might have accidentally left some clues for him... Oops.)  Either way, he was excited to see me.  And to open his birthday presents from me and my parents.  We went to dinner that night at Chuy's in Arlington with a bunch of our friends and had a great time.  

The next day, Donny had to work, so I had the day to wander around D/FW by myself.  I ate breakfast tacos at Taco Cabana, got a pedicure, picked up a cupcake at Gigi's, and went shopping at Northpark Mall.

Then, I had lunch with Rachel at Taco Cabana-- yum, yum.

And, since she had to go back to work, I went to Bedford to hang out with Lyn, who was on summer vacation from teaching and could hang out with me!  We went to Starbucks for a few hours, where I found this super cute card!  Of course,  I had to get one.  

When we got there, Lyn asked me if I wanted to sit outside or inside.  I know I gave her the strangest look-- um, it's 106 degrees!!  We stay inside!  At least, those of us who are used to non-Hades-like temperatures...

Then, it was time to take my rental car back and meet up with Donny since he was off work.  We headed out that evening to Uptown Village in Cedar Hill, where we had a delicious dinner at Patrizio and shopped for a while. 


Saturday morning, we got up and went on a wild goose chase for some restaurant for breakfast and eventually ended up at IHOP.  I don't remember the last time I was at IHOP, but it was WAY better than I remembered.  When we walked out in the parking lot, I immedately saw this vehicle.  These guys sure know how to advertise.  

And soon it was time to head to Cleburne for our wedding shower.  More on the wedding shower to come later this week, but it was so nice and sweet of these people at his church to put this together for us.  

Saturday night, we did some more book shopping (the guy can't get enough books...) and went swimming when we got home to the apartment complex.

Sunday, we had reservations at Texas de Brazil for brunch (yay for a buy one, get one free birthday coupon!), so we walked out of the apartment early to wander around the city for a while.  And of course Donny's car wouldn't start.  (ps-- this is the third trip in a row where either he or I have had some sort of vehicle drama.  I do not like this pattern...)  Thank goodness Rachel was running late for church and still home next door so she could run us to an auto store to get a new battery.  He installed it, and we were on our way!

We still made it to Fort Worth in time to hang out in Sundance Square for a while before making our way to the restaurant. And the food at Texas de Brazil was as amazing as always.  

On our way back from Fort Worth, we had to make a stop at the Walmart in Grand Prairie on a search for a movie and some groceries for dinner.  We spent the rest of the night hanging out-- watching the West Wing, reading, making tacos, etc.  

Monday was my last day, and we had NOTHING planned.  It was a perfect lounging around the apartment day.  The guy from Time Warner came out and fixed the cable, so we were able to watch the women's soccer match and some other Olympic events.  We did leave the apartment for dinner at Whataburger (a place I hadn't been in at least three visits) but quickly had to return home for baseball.  Although we ended up watching Michael Clayton instead.

Tuesday morning, my flight was at 5:15am out of DFW, so I was up at 3:15 and we were out the door before 4am.  Hallelujah it was our last airport goodbye!  I'm so glad to be done with them-- they suck.

On my flight back, the guy behind me talked the WHOLE way.  Not exaggerating-- before we had pulled away from the gate, he was yapping and didn't stop until after we landed except for maybe a 15 minute hiatus.  Way too early for that kind of energy.

And just like that-- I was back in NC and in the office.

PS-- thank goodness that I have a phone with a camera.  Otherwise, I'd never have pictures of anything!  Lol

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