Monday, January 28, 2013

Adventures in Car Buying.

This weekend revolved around our car buying adventure (if you couldn't already tell from the title of this post...). Donny has a Chevy Blazer that was in dire need of replacement.  He wanted a truck, and he had a list of several possibilities that he had found in the last few weeks.  So on Saturday, we headed out to look at some.  (It had sleeted for a few hours on Friday, so we were thankful that it got warm enough on Saturday to melt all the ice so we could even get out!)

First up was a Ford Ranger. He called the owner and set up a meeting at a Sheetz a few minutes away from where we live. When pull in and the owner gets out of the truck, I realize he is a former client of mine! He was in high school when I represented him a few years ago, and it wasn't anything serious (thank goodness), but I had a hard time controlling my laughter at this kid and the dozen stickers on his back window...  Donny drove the truck around the block, but it had some major problems that (of course) weren't mentioned in the ad.  So, we said goodbye and went on our merry way.

Truck number two was a Ford F-150 in a town about a half hour away that is on the edge of civilization. We got down there a little early for our meeting and COULD NOT find the place with the address he has given us. The only places near there were a service station, a mechanic's shop (neither of which had the truck sitting out that we were looking for), and a salvage yard with dozens of wrecked cars.  I was starting to get nervous when we saw the guy coming down the road.  Turns out, we were in the right place-- at the salvage yard.

The truck was NOT wrecked-- turns out the guy who owned the place was selling it for a customer of his.  The truck was actually really nice.  It was clean inside and well maintained, just had a recent tune up and some other work done.  All good things.  Donny drove it and said it ran great.  So, we got the VIN number and came home to check the carfax report on it-- we don't buy cars without checking the carfax (especially since this one was sitting in a salvage yard...).  But, the carfax came back clean, so we called the guy and told him we wanted it and would come get it on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon, we waited to hear from him most of the day to set up the meeting.  The town where the truck was is on the other side of the city where my parents and grandma live.  So, we hung out with them for a while before deciding to go to Target then Barnes & Noble to kill some time.  We finally talked to the guy and met him around 7pm at this salvage yard (that has no lights outside).  I wondered briefly if we were being lured to our deaths...  Ha.

But no-- he pulled in right behind us as soon as we got there, and we all went into the shop where we got the paperwork done, got the keys, and headed home with our new truck!  
Isn't it pretty??  It is now sitting in our garage waiting for a license plate!  I'm glad it fits in the garage-- I wasn't sure it would, but we're good.  :)

How was everyone else's weekend??  



  1. You will love having a FORD!!!

  2. Glad that we both were able to get our new cars this weekend!! :)

  3. Car buying can be SOOOO stressful! Glad you guys got a nice car that you love :)

  4. car buying was horrendous for me. but I also can't make a decision to save my life. and love the car!
    Helene in Between

  5. oooooooh, truck. now you can sing all those country songs about boys in trucks to donny. :)