Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sean and His Women.

I was supposed to have a Bachelor/Chipotle date with my friend Emily last night, but something come up for her at the last minute.  So, I got Donny to watch it with me.  Ha!  Just kidding-- Donny ran screaming from the room when I turned it to ABC.  So I had the living room all to myself to watch the show.  :)

I have a love/hate relationship with the first episode of the season.  It's always a little procedural and boring, yet there's always some crazy stuff that goes down to keep me giggling.  Last night was no different, although it was the least eventful premiere I remember in a while.

A couple random observations-- 

-- These girls have some strange jobs-- Jumbotron Operator, Personal Organizer, Cruise Ship Entertainer, Community Organizer, Poker Dealer...  

-- I should have invested in Mystic Tan before this show.

-- Girls are catty.  (Not that this is news, mind you...)  When Tierra walked in with a rose and when Kacie magically appeared, those girls shot daggers at them.  

-- How do these girls not know to not get drunk during the cocktail party??  It always leads to some crazy stupid behavior.  Like shushing the Bachelor and trying to kiss him while wearing a wedding dress....

-- I could've missed it, but I didn't see a girl on this season that had a professional degree.  And a lot of them didn't have a college degree.  This may be the least-educated group of girls yet.

-- Too many girls with the same name.  I'd only cast one girl with the same name and have the contenders fight it out somehow.  So then the Bachelor would know that this is the top Ashley or Lindsay or Sarah among ALL the Ashleys, Lindsays, and Sarahs.  Oh, and if your name is spelled stupid (aka-- AshLee or Lindzi), then you're automatically disqualified.

I had two favorite moments of the night.  First was the girl crying because she hadn't yet had a chance to talk to Sean saying "I don't fight over a guy."  Um, honey, you do know you signed up for The Bachelor, right?  The second was Sean's reaction to the 50 Shades of Grey girl, who repeatedly pulled a necktie out of her dress (I guess as a suggestion that he tie her up??).  After the second time she attempted to molest him, Sean said he might need to use his rape whistle.  Best line of the night.  

I think my favorite might be Lesley.  She seems to be a little more grounded than some.  And she actually has a big-girl job in Washington, DC.  She was also funny-- when she faked football to get Sean to bend over, I laughed pretty hard.  Of course, it's only the first night, so don't hold me to this pick.

I also was glad to see Kacie back.  I think she and Sean make much more sense than she and Ben did.  So, I could see this happening.  

What did y'all think?  Was I the only one a little bored last night?  Who do we love?  Hate?


  1. I was really excited to see Kacie back - I love her! Some of these women are so, so crazy. Who thinks wearing a wedding dress and getting drunk the first night is a good thing to do!? Amateurs. haha.

  2. I completely agree with everything you said! Everyone was just so spray tanned and fake! It doesn't seem like that great of a group of girls, so I was pretty underwhelmed. And can someone please explain to me how drunk wedding dress girl got a rose? She acted like such an idiot!

  3. I definitely agree with you about the names! I'm glad Kacie is back, too. She was my favorite (i.e., the only one I liked at all) from Ben's season. Nobody really stood out to me in the first episode. I'll end up hating them all before long, though.

  4. Yes, I was a little bored! I thought the last 2 minutes were the most interesting when 50 shades of drunk was interviewed! Definitely the highlight! Or wait, maybe it was the girl that fell on her head while doing a back handspring - haha!

  5. I loved them! Tierra was a favorite, but I think she goes crazy later based on the previews. I really hope Kacie works out. I like her alot. I live to read Reality Steve each week. He just adds to the whole drama. ABC hates him of course, but I love him!! This show always makes me wonder what is scripted or acted out and what is not. I still love it!! My husband hates it! He makes fun of me for watching The Bachelor but, he watches Monday Night Raw. He really shouldn't go there with me. HA

  6. I reaaaalllly hope it works out with Kacie too!

  7. This is the first season of The Bachelor I've seen in a long while, and really only because it's Sean. I thought the first episode was hysterical. Are girl's really this stupid nowadays??? I'm the same age as these women, and seriously, I act ions older than them.