Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wedding Thursday-- Reception.

After the ceremony, we walked out of the chapel to the room where I had been sequestered earlier.  I was very adamant that I wanted to have a few minutes just the two of us-- no family, no friends, no photographers.  Just us.  My MOH was in charge of making sure that people stayed away, and she did a great job.  It was one of my favorite moments of the day-- FINALLY getting to talk to him and have a minute just the two of us.

Then, once all the guests left, we did some quick pictures in the chapel.

Then we headed to our reception site for some more pictures before the reception.

 Then, we headed in to the reception!

My dad gave a very sweet speech and blessed the food before we all ate.  (PS-- Everyone told me that I wouldn't eat, but I made sure to.  Granted, I didn't eat a whole lot since I was pretty amped up, but I made sure to get some sustenance.)

Our first dance was to Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are."  We spent a while trying to figure out our first dance song, but ultimately decided that Billy was perfect.  You can't go wrong with some Billy Joel.  Ever.

My dance with my dad was to James Taylor's "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)."  I grew up listening to James Taylor with my dad, and this was a sweet but upbeat song, so I thought it was perfect.  We laughed and cut up through the song.  This is another favorite picture of mine from the day.  :)

Donny's dance with his mom was to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World."  It was so sweet-- I think they got to most of the room with their emotional choice.

Then it was time for cake and champagne!!  Donny proved his love for me by not smashing cake in my face. :)  The cake was AMAZING.  Thank goodness they packed a box of pieces for us to take home because this bite was all I had at the reception.

The speeches by Emily and Brandon were the highlight of the reception.  Emily's was sweet and hilarious-- just like her.  She managed to throw in how among all the girls in our small group, I was the only one who wasn't anxious to meet someone and get married.  Yet I was the first one to walk down the aisle...  Haha!
Brandon's speech was so touching and sweet.  He and Donny are like brothers, and he was so genuinely happy for us.  He had the room in tears.

After the cake and toasts, it was time to party!!

And the bouquet toss!  (ps-- I had to call out Rachel to get her back in the room. She had tried to escape out a side door!) 
 There was quite the skirmish between Emily and Donny's sister, Tracy over the bouquet...
 Tracy prevailed!
 But Emily got a small piece...

Quite a bit of the night was spent dancing with my boss's daughter, Sophia.  She's so darn adorable.  :)

We actually ended up leaving earlier than we had anticipated.  But, we had had our fun, and it was time to go.  We made our exit to glow sticks (I was slightly paranoid that sparklers would burn my dress), and I LOVE the way they turned out in the pictures!

It was a long day, but it was an absolutely WONDERFUL day.  I loved it, and thought everything turned out exactly as I had imagined it.  :)


  1. My hubby danced to the same song with his mom - there's something about that song and it being a mom dance. Your whole night looks awesome!

  2. Beautiful pictures yet again. I love the idea of you two being alone right after the ceremony. Wish I had thought of that! Looks like you had a great reception :)

  3. The pictures look amazing!
    I really like the glow sticks--I've never seen that before and I think it looks really cool! (I don't blame you for being freaked about the sparklers getting you caught on fire haha)

  4. I've loved reading your wedding posts! Your reception looked absolutely like a wonderful time!!!

  5. You have the most beautiful pictures!!

  6. Stunning Katie! Just stunning! I've never seen the glowstick idea so bravo for originality!
    Everything was just beautiful!