Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I realized today that I haven't linked up with my girl Jenn for Insta+Lately in over a month!! So, it's clearly time to rectify that. You can see through my instagram photos how incredibly exciting my life is. Or not...

1- I can definitely tell the difference between a filled in brow and a non-filled in one...
2- We were out of bowls one night, so I had to improvise with my lucky charms.
3- Donny is taking a Spanish class this semester, so he got me this card. :)

4- My new favorite starbucks drink-- the vanilla spice frappe. 
5- It's been crazy cold. The girls at work were making fun of my get up, but I've got to keep warm somehow!
6- My Maybooks notebook that I won arrived! I love it, but I don't think I'd pay $15 for it myself.

7- We sent a wedding invitation to President Bush and Laura last fall and got this in the mail recently. Love it.
8- We celebrated our one year engage-iversary a few weeks ago!
9- I love shopping for cards that say this. :)

10- The breakfast casserole I made for Sunday school was apparently a big hit.
11- This is what happens when I try to get to work early. Stupid traffic...
12- Our favorite weekend activity-- cuddling on the couch while reading books.

13- The awesome VDay cake from my boo.
14- Safe Haven movie!
15- I started reading Tori Spelling's book, and I've got to say that I love it. I read half of it one night after work. Can't wait to finish it today.

16- Trunk latch won't work? No problem. Duct tape fixes anything.
17- I'm BEYOND ready for our trip to TX this weekend!! Can't wait for sun and warmth. Not to mention friends and family. And Taco Cabana!! :)
18- Strawberry cake mix cookies that Emily made for our Bible study last night. They were delicious!


  1. I love following you on Instagram :)

  2. Popping over from insta-lately. That is so cool you invited the former President! And your ring? Amazing!

  3. #7 = AWESOME!!
    Girl, surely you can find better Tex-Mex than Taco Cabana! Not sure if FTW has a Chuy's, but I heard Joe T. Garcia's is the place to go over there. :)

  4. Oh my. The lucky charms look DELICIOUS!! I love that you got a letter about your wedding too, so neat! Love #12 :-)

  5. Yeah divide that temperature by 3 and you're going to get what MO is experiencing right now...oh and throw in sleet, ice, etc :/

  6. I have read all of Tori Spelling's books and I have to say, I loved them. Your ring is gorgeous!!

  7. What did you think of Safe Haven? I thought it was pretty good...I didn't have huge expectations going in! And you need to do a makeup tutorial someday...I need to know how you fill in eyebrows!

  8. I love following you on IG and can't wait to see you post your states when you get back home. I wish I could have met up with you when you were in Dallas but I had too much to do at home :(
    I'm glad to see an honest (albeit) short review of the maybooks. I've wondered what the hype was about but if you wouldn't pay $15 then I'm sure I wouldn't either. I just like it for the monogram and you can design that online so I'm good.

    THanks for linking up again!

  9. Yes re: eyebrows. I recently bought an awesome pencil at Sephora that I LOVE. Don't know how I lived w/o it!!!

  10. I like your pictures...especially the Lucky Charms "bowl" - made me smile for sure. And now only because you have great choice in cereal! I have a question - that Safe Haven movie - am I going to cry? Like does someone die like in all the other Nicholas Sparks movies? Please let me know, because I want to see it, but won't if it's a tragedy.