Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Sparkle Is Gone.

I really have no desire to recap the whole night, but just in case you missed it-- the sparkle is gone.  Tierra has finally left the building.  After yet another night of her whining, complaining, and tears.  The girl seriously started complaining (after finally getting her first one-on-one date) that her hair and makeup would get messed up while they strolled around St. Croix.  Um...
Thank goodness for Sean's sister, who gave him the wisest advice-- don't end up with the girl that can't get along with anyone else.  An unannounced visit to the girls' residence confirmed that she's one big ball of crazy (sparkly as it may be).  So, he told her it would be best if she went home.
And everyone, including me, in Bachelor Nation did a happy dance.

That is, until the rose ceremony when he sent Lesley home.  She was my favorite, and I was sad to see her go. But, after their awkward date, it wasn't hard to see that she'd be going.  She handled it like a pro, though.  A little teary and sad, but not a total meltdown.  Classy girl.

Which means that the four that are left are: Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, and AshLee.  Out of these four, Desiree is definitely my favorite.  Here's hoping that her family doesn't screw her up like the previews tease...

Who do y'all like out of the top 4?  *No Spoilers Please!!*


  1. I really like Desiree too...she seems super sweet. I'm not a huge fan of Lindsay....she seems kind of ditzy to me, and their connection seems to be more about making out than anything else. I like how Sean lights up around Catherine.

  2. I cannot believe that she kept talking about her craziness like that! Who admits they have a "sparkle"?! I like Catherine for Sean...can't wait to see the home town dates next week!

  3. Katie, I read your blog today. I just wanted you to know that even though I have no idea what you are talking about and will never, ever watch an episode of this show....I read your blog today and it made me laugh...it also made me realize I really will never, ever, ever watch an episode of this show!

  4. Oh happy day, she's GONE! Fand, for the first time probably ever, I actually like all of the final four! Desiree is adorable! I love them together!

  5. I like des and ashlee...even though i think ashlee might be a little crazy. lindsay is super annoying and i just don't see a fit with catherine.

  6. Love your post title, very appropriate haha.
    I like Des and Catherine the best, but my money's on Ashlee or Des.
    x Hilary
    P.S. Read your guest post on Neely's blog, very cute story :)

  7. No one can take away my Sparkle!!! Girl.Was.Crazy. She needed no help in the editing department to make her look that way!