Monday, February 4, 2013

This Weekend, I...

... had dinner with a best-selling author. Dr. Gary Chapman has been a pastor at my church for 40+ years (he's now the interim head pastor as we search for a permanent one). Last Thursday night, he and his wife hosted a dinner for engaged/newlywed couples and spoke on the "Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married" (which is a great book that I HIGHLY recommend, even for married couples). Donny and I are in the Sunday school class of the organizers, so they seated us at the Chapmans' table! We had a great dinner with them-- turns out that he had worked in the small town near Fort Worth that Donny is from! What a small world. :)

... went to a new restaurant for dinner. We went to our photographers' house Friday night to go over the layout/photos for our wedding album. Since they're about 45 minutes away, we decided to make a date night out of it and went to this place called Pastabilities for dinner. Oh wow-- it was awesome (and surprisingly economical)!  I love non-chain restaurants, and this one was no exception. I'm dying to go back!

... found a new Starbucks addiction. After dinner on Friday, we went to Barnes & Noble to wander around for a while. I tried the vanilla spice frappe, and y'all-- It. Was. Delicious. I got another one on Sunday and am craving one again today!

... FINALLY saw Silver Linings Playbook. After a nice, relaxing morning at home, we went to see the matinee of SLP on Saturday.  It don't know what I expected, but it wasn't anything like that.  I liked the movie, but I really did NOT like Jennifer Lawrence's character.  Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro, on the other hand, were wonderful.  I realized that I had never seen a movie that Bradley Cooper was in, but I was very impressed with him.  And DeNiro is always awesome.  I definitely think it was worth seeing, but if you wait until it's at the redbox, you'll be fine.

... made a lot of food.  For the Super Bowl, Donny wanted the Hot Sausage Dip that I've made in the past.  I really wanted some Spinach Dip.  So, I made both.  Plus some brownies (because what's a two-person Super Bowl party without dessert??).  And an experimental low-cal, high-protein peanut butter pie for this week.  

... watched some commercials.  I'm not a person who LOVES watching Super Bowl commercials.  In fact, if Donny hadn't been watching the Super Bowl, I probably would have been DVR-ing it last night.  But he was, so we watched the commercials.  Some were ridiculous (I'm talking to you, GoDaddy and Doritos), but others were really good.  Like pretty much everyone, the Budweiser Clydesdale and Dodge Ram commercials made me misty.  But I think my favorite was Amy Poehler.  I just love her.



  1. I loved Silver Linings Ive watched it 4 times...seriously

  2. Omg, looks like you had SUCH a blast this weekend! I loved SLP!

    And omg, so jealous about Gary Chapman - we love the 5 Love Languages book! :)

    THANKS for mingling! xo

  3. I will have to check out that book- I enjoyed his 5 Love Languages! Looks like you had a great weekend- let me know how that peanut butter pie turns out!! Low cal + peanut butter + dessert? I'm intrigued!

  4. Oh that Best Buy commercial had me rolling! Love Amy Poehler!!!

  5. THANK YOU. Silver Linings Playbook wasn't bad, but it just wasn't good. RP3 hated Robert DeNiro's gambling buddy (worst actor ever) and I could not stand Jennifer Lawrence's broken-down-but-higher-than-mighty character, but we both loved B.Cooper!

    Happy Monday!

  6. You've never seen a Bradley Cooper movie before? I'm not a real big fan of him...but what??? You've never seen The Hangover or Wedding Crashers? Or Failure to Launch or Valentine's Day? Or HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU??? Whatttttt?????

    1. And I completely forgot the most important one...WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER.

    2. I am SO jealous you had dinner with Gary Chapman!! I loved that book and read it before we got married awesome!

  7. She is very funny! She is from MA and I met her father and grandfather recently!

  8. I actually cried at the Clydesdale commercial. It was just too precious!

  9. Oh heck yes I loved the Bestbuy commercial- my favorite as well!