Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Travel Tuesday-- Honeymoon in Jamaica!!

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In an effort to finally finish with the wedding-related posts, I'm linking up with Helene today for Travel Tuesday to talk about our honeymoon!!

The Sunday morning after the wedding, we got up super early and flew to Montego Bay, Jamaica! There was literally not a single other person in front of us to go through security in Greensboro. We really should fly out of there more often...
A few hours later and after a quick layover in Charlotte, and we landed in an island paradise! It took what felt like forever to get through customs and get to our shuttle, but we eventually made it through and were on our way to our resort, Secrets St. James.
When we got to the resort, the porter who took our bags told us our concierge for the week was Chris Brown. But he said the Jamaican Chris Brown was the opposite of the American one-- "He can't sing, can't dance, and his girlfriend beats him." Ha!

We made it up to our room, and it was amazing! From the "Honeymoon" sign on the door, to the towel creations, to the VIEW! It was so wonderful.  The whole resort was absolutely gorgeous.
I love the towel animals.
Our room was on the corner, so we had a view to both the north...
And the west... 
The pool and the beach behind it from the lobby... 
This was the view from the back side of the building-- the actual Montego Bay.

We spent the first few days just relaxing on the beach or by the pool. The resort didn't seem all that full-- we never had to scrounge for beach chairs or pool floats or wait for a table at dinner. We paid a little extra to stay in the "Preferred Club" section of the hotel, which came with an upgraded room and a separate pool and beach area. That ended up being the best decision we made. There weren't as many people at our building or at our pool/beach. It was SO peaceful and serene.

I'm not a girl who likes to sleep through her vacation, so I was up early every morning and out at the beach or by the pool before most everyone else with my book in hand!  Of course, napping on the beach is one of the best things ever, so I got plenty of those in.  :)
Mmmm... diet coke...

Like most all-inclusive resorts, there were multiple dining options and restaurants on the premises. We went to a different restaurant every night for dinner. We went to the breakfast buffet restaurant a few times, but since we were in the "Preferred Club," they had most breakfast items in the lobby of our hotel. So, we just got some food there and took it out to the beach!
By Wednesday, we finally decided it was time to actually go somewhere outside the resort. So that afternoon, we took a catamaran out into the ocean and went snorkeling. Because of the time of our cruise, it ended up also being a sunset sail, which was awesome to see. I wish I had more pictures of that afternoon/evening, but alas, I have only the one...

Thursday was our last full day there. We booked a tour of the city and ended up with our own personal tour guide. He was pretty cool-- he was born in Jamaica but raised in New York. As an adult, he decided that he wanted to return to his native country, and now he's a tour guide. He took us all over the city. First was to Richmond Hill Inn, which has the most incredible view of the city and the bay. It used to be the home of the Dewar family (yes, the scotch brand). Now, it's an inn and event center. A ton of weddings are held there, and with this view as your backdrop, I can absolutely see why.

After we left Richmond Hill, he drove us through the city, telling us about the history and culture of the island then made our way along the coast to Rose Hall Plantation. The legend about Rose Hall is that the owner of the house was killed by the "black magic" of his wife Annie. She remained in the house after his death, and two subsequent husbands ("and countless lovers" according to the tale) of hers died suspiciously. They call her the White Witch of Rose Hall. The house is now open for tours, and people say they can see her ghost wander the halls.

We didn't go into the great house, as the tour is very long, and not cheap. But our tour guide took us up to the White Witch golf course, which is on the Rose Hall plantation premises but sits atop the hill. It had the most spectacular views of the ocean!

The last part of our trip out into the city was to the "Hip Strip."  This section of town is right outside a public beach area, multiple hotels overlooking the ocean, and just down the road from where the cruise ships dock.  So, there's a TON of little shops trying to peddle their products.  We really just wanted to buy a few souvenirs for us and our family without spending a lot of money.  But as we walked up and down this street, the shop owners kept yelling at us to come to their store, and all the women wanted to braid my hair.  One lady even reached out to grab me by the arm, but I got away.  These people are CRAZY.  We walked up and down the street, but eventually went back to the first store we stopped at.  Our driver has a deal with the owner of that store, where he gave us 50% off everything in the store plus no tax.  I'm sure our driver got a kickback for taking people there, but his prices were better than anywhere else, so we bought our goodies from him.

Then, it was time to go back to the resort for one last sunset.  Donny takes some GORGEOUS pictures.

I absolutely LOVED our resort.  The food wasn't amazing, but it was good.  There were a lot of options, including 24 hour room service.  I liked the freedom of the all-inclusive, but I don't know if we really got our money's worth out of it since neither of us drank that much.  But the place was gorgeous and the service was top-notch.  Secrets is definitely a customer-oriented business.  We really wanted for nothing (other than the day the wi-fi was down when we were trying to book our catamaran cruise...).  There were always people to bring you food or drinks, so we never would have even had to move out of our chairs if we didn't want to.  Heaven...


  1. Ah so pretty! What I wouldn't give to be there right now! Looks like you had a relaxing time which is just what you need after all the craziness of wedding planning!!

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    {love jenny xoxo}

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