Monday, April 22, 2013

It's Good to Be DINKs-- Part 1.

This past weekend was an absolute whirlwind of activity. I barely had time to catch my breath on Sunday before Monday got here! But despite the lack of rest, we had a blast!  (The title to this post was inspired by our wedding photographers, who we saw on Friday. They were jealous of our impromptu baseball trips, saying they used to do the same thing before they had kids but now they can't just pick up and go.  Gotta enjoy it while we can!  :)  Oh, and in case you don't know the reference, DINKs= Dual Income No Kids.)

Our plan was to leave Friday afternoon to get to Chapel Hill for their 7pm baseball game against Duke then spend a leisurely Saturday morning and afternoon in Durham before the Bulls game at 5pm.  But mother nature had other ideas...  Rain was going to be moving in Friday evening, so on Thursday, the Carolina baseball game got moved from 7pm to 3pm.  Which meant that we had to high-tail it out of here as soon as Donny got off from work at lunch.  (He actually ended up getting off earlier than usual, so that part worked out.)  But as soon as we got off of the interstate and headed into Chapel Hill, I saw on twitter that the game had been postponed to Saturday at 1pm.  Sigh...

So, we decided to take some of our Saturday plans and make them Friday plans.  We made a u-turn on 15-501 and headed back north to Durham!  First stop was the Duke Homestead.  At the homestead, are some original buildings that Washington Duke built, including the home he lived in with his family, tobacco barns, and (small, rustic) tobacco factories.  Duke and his sons began the tobacco empire that would become the American Tobacco Company, which would at one point be the largest tobacco company in the world.  (Now, I'm Winston-Salem born and raised, so I'm fairly knowledgeable of my RJ Reynolds tobacco history.  But I had zero knowledge of the Washington Duke tobacco dynasty other than there was once a tobacco company in Durham.)  It was fascinating to see how much of the culture of the city is from tobacco.  (For instance, "Bull Durham" was the brand of a smoking tobacco the Dukes manufactured.  That phrase is everywhere in the city.  Durham is the "Bull City," it's baseball team is the Durham Bulls, and of course there's the movie "Bull Durham.")

After we left the Duke Homestead, we checked into our hotel and decided that we'd just do dinner and a movie (indoor entertainment since the rain was coming...).  We decided to go downtown, and thanks to Allison's recommendation, we ate at Bull City Burger and Brewery.
They pride themselves as a "farm to fork" restaurant, getting most of their ingredients from local farmers.  And, if you couldn't tell from the name, they brew their own beer (you're not gonna find any Bud Light here.  Or Diet Coke for that matter.  No chain beverages.).  The food was decent, but the atmostphere was what really sells this place.  I only wish they had had turkey burgers, but no such luck.
How appropriate was our order number...
We had some time to kill after dinner and before the movie, so I took Donny to Sam's Quik Shop, where you can find a TON of local and specialty beers.  Once again, you're not going to find any Bud Light here.  Probably the most mainstream beer I saw here was Yuengling or Heineken.  But the place was wall-to-wall with beers I had never heard of before.  Donny loved it and left with some bottles of some random beers I'd never heard of and will probably never hear of again.
The storm was moving in as we left...
Of course, Donny had to get this one... 
As storm clouds rolled in, we made our way to the Carolina Theater for The Place Beyond the Pines.  As soon as we got out of the car to walk to the box office, the rain came.  We BARELY made it under the awning before the bottom fell out.  We were a little wet, but the people that walked in the theater after us were totally soaked.
I was really excited to see this movie since the previews I had seen looked great and it wasn't playing where we live.  Plus, the cast was fantastic-- Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Ray Liotta...  But the movie was nothing like the previews suggested.  It was more of a three-act story than one.  And the third act fell off the rails from the first two and really made very little sense at all.  I was very disappointed.

But, despite the weather and the sucky movie, we had a great day!  And of course, I love having all these adventures with my boo.  :)

Come back tomorrow to read all about our baseball-marathon day!  :)

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