Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Katie Lately.

Happy Tuesday!  I kind of fell off the blogging wagon last week.  It's nice to take a break every now and then though.  So, here's what's been going on with me lately...

1. Spring has sprung!  I do love the pretty colors, the warmer temperatures (even if they do swing 20 degrees back and forth throughout the week), the fresh fruit, and the short dresses and flip flops.
 However I do NOT like the bugs that are now everywhere!  In our house, on my car...  Blech.

2. I got a new computer at work!!  I love it so much...  My old computer was the one I'd used for the last 5+ years and was painfully slow.  Even our IT guy said it was bad.  But now,  I have this beauty!  It has Windows 7 (I was using Windows XP, y'all...).  It's seriously like going from walking in mud to flying through the air.  SO much better!  It's taking a little while to fix all my settings back, but I don't even care.

3.  We went to dinner last with with my boss and co-workers at the country club where our wedding reception was!  We haven't been back since our wedding, and it was fun to go back there.  :)

4.  I left work early on Friday afternoon, and we went to see '42'.  It was a great movie!  There were some cheesy scenes and some unnecessary dramatics, but overall the movie was great.  I read Jackie Robinson's biography a few weeks ago, and I was really impressed at how well the movie stuck to events as they were described in his book.  I definitely recommend going to see it.

5.  Saturday night, my friends and I surprised our friend April with a birthday party!  She had NO idea, and her face was hilarious.  Of course, I managed to not get any pictures except the glow stick bracelet AFTER I had left...

6.  Sunday, we spent the afternoon relaxing.  Well, I spent the afternoon relaxing-- Donny had a lot of homework to do.  So, I read my book and watched some golf.  I loved Adam Scott's reaction when he won.  So if Tiger couldn't win, I'm happy someone like Adam did.

7.  My heart rate monitor came this weekend, and I was so stoked to use it yesterday!  I rode the bike at the gym for 7.5 miles to test it out.  And after not riding for a while, my butt hurt to sit in my car...  So today I hit the elliptical machine instead.  Two workouts in two days this week.  Who am I??

8. I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich last night for dinner, and it was so yummy that I made myself one to bring for lunch today.  Channeling my inner six year old, apparently...

9.  Getting up before 6am requires some Advocare Spark.  This stuff is the BEST!  (It also gives me a jolt enough that I can't hold my camera still to take a picture, it seems...)  It wakes me up and lasts through the day.  LOVE.

10.  I'm loving Downton Abbey.  I've managed to not become a crazy person about it (yet).  I'm almost done with season 1, but it's great!  I might even be able to convince Donny to watch it with me.  We'll see...

What's new with y'all??


  1. Girl that is not a bug on your windshield that's a freakin' lizard!!! YUCK!

    I need to get new tires on my bike so I can ride around now that the weather is pretty too!

  2. Do you feel that the new HR monitor is right? I am borrowing a friends and its just like the one you showed, except black, and I feel its pretty accurate. Hubby likes to follow the machine but I don't feel that's always right. And that bug is pretty gross!

  3. We just started Season 2 of Downton!!! OMG love.

    I really want a polar. Do you like it?

  4. I'm still intrigued by the Polar HRMs. Anxious to see how you like it.

    Sometimes the simplest foods make us happiest.

    I'm also interested in Spark. How is the flavor?

  5. I'm really trying to get Joe to watch Downton Abbey! I've seen seasons 1 and 2...and I really think he'd like it.

    I accidentally bought white bread a while back (like before we moved) and Joe was so excited that he could make himself a PB&J on white bread like when he was a kid. LOL! I about died laughing.

  6. I get in PB&J kicks still too :)

    I am sooo jealous of your spring weather!

  7. What a great update. I've yet to grow out of pb&j and had one for breakfast yesterday. And I bring it for just about every lunch I don't have access to a fridge or microwave for! I'm so impressed you can watch golf on tv and love it and thrilled you got a new computer!

  8. Mmm I love me some fresh fruit :) I really want to see '42', I've heard great things!! I'm jealous spring is here for you...it's still deciding if it wants to be winter or not here. At least tomorrow it's going to be close to 80! And then 40 Saturday. Real cool.

    I really love this update because it's just so random and shows that you've truly been enjoying life lately!! I've been on a mini blog break, which happens ALL the time I guess, because work is just crazy. It always is. Sometimes I just can't keep up, but I'm thankful for twitter and instagram to keep up with all my friends who I miss reading their blogs on crazy days (like you!!). So I hope you're doing well :)

  9. Oh I've been dying for one of those heart rate monitors!!! I hope you'll blog a full review once you got some good use out of it. :)