Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Ever Ever.

Here are some things you'll never hear me say:

...No, I don't want a cupcake.

...Yay, the alarm clock went off!

...I have enough pens and post-its.

...No, I don't want to travel anywhere this year.

...I haven't seen this episode of Friends.

...Let's not stay home tonight-- let's go out!

...Can we get a cat instead of a dog?

...It's 90 degrees?  Let's go outside!

...Sweet tea?  No thanks.

...I don't want to watch the Yankee game tonight.

What are some things you would never say?


  1. Katie,

    We are ACTUALLY twins! There is no way you can ever have enough pens.. obsessed! Def a dog person, and would rather stay home on most nights!

  2. Haha love this! With you on the cupcakes, fo sho.

  3. Haha! These are so true for me also! The only difference is that I'm a cat person.

  4. I totally started reading this wrong. What do you mean you don't like cupcakes? You like the alarm clock?? WHAT UNIVERSE is this you live in?!?!

    But I get it now. Sigh, blonde moment.

  5. I can't get enough traveling! I always say I need to say "no" to trips for bank account purposes but can't resist!

  6. you'll never hear me say "no I don't want to bargain shop" (I love shopping for bargains!)

  7. Haha. I never have anything nice to say about my alarm either..

  8. Agree with all of them except the last one!! :)

  9. LOL @ Yay, the alarm went off! I would never be caught saying that one either!!

  10. hahaha. these are too funny!
    hmmm, things you'd never hear me say?
    No more wine for me, thanks.
    That tequila shot was a GREAT idea!
    I would totally go back and repeat law school again.

  11. Pens and post-its are an obsession for me too! I hoard them and then find them later and decide...ok I can use these now.

  12. Except the Friends and Yankees comments, most of these apply to me as well!!


  13. These are too funny! I'm so with you on the alarm clock. I treasure my Saturday's when that stupid thing doesn't go off!

  14. This is so much fun!! And I REALLY hate the alarm. And there is really no great reason to be running around in that kind of heat...