Friday, May 31, 2013

Happies and Crappies.

Happy Friday, y'all!! Don't know about you, but for a short week, this week has felt so long. I'm excited that the weekend is here, and it's going to be full of fun (and lounging in my new pool!).  Linking up with Steph and Sarah for Happies and Crappies today for the first time in a while!
The Vintage Modern Wife: Happies and Crappies Link Up

I'm LOVING my new car.  It's so cool.  When I have the bluetooth on, it even tells me how much battery and signal my phone has!
Husband got me addicted to The Office, and we've been watching it on Netflix like crazy.  I never liked the show before, but I'm really enjoying it now.
Tonight (or sometime this weekend), we're going to see Now You See Me, which looks awesome.  I've been so excited about this movie since I saw first saw the preview!

We officially extended our DC trip an extra day!  There's just way too much that I want to show Donny to get it in only two days.  So now we've got some extra time to see all the cool stuff!  (But see also below...)

Didn't work out this week except Monday.  I have been so fatigued this week, that I didn't even hear the alarm go off or notice Donny get up.  So, I obviously didn't get up and go work out myself.  Hoping to get some tennis in this weekend to help make up for it.

Yankees have lost 4 straight games, getting swept by the Mets, going in to a series with the Red Sox.  Sad.
Tell me about it, Robbie...

The rate for our hotel in DC almost doubled from when we initially booked it, so our extra night there ended up being more expensive than the previous two.  Lame.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  :)


  1. new cars are the best! it's crazy how technology has gotten so awesome nowadays. the DC trip sounds fun. i've never been but i'd like to go sometime soon :) thanks for linking up with us btw! we're happy to have ya!

  2. Woah! What a crazy car feature! You know, everyone seems to be saying this 'short' week felt so long! I think holidays like Memorial Day are so busy they end up leaving a person tired.

    Saying hey through the Happies and Crappies link up!


  3. Just saw "Now You See Me" on Friday and I loved it! It got horrible reviews, but I found it so entertaining!