Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend.

I love long weekends. All day Sunday, I kept thinking that I had to go to work the next day but would then realize that no-- I had another day off! Best feeling ever. We actually had a pretty eventful weekend despite not doing any of your typical Memorial Day activities.

Friday, I got off work around lunch time and had a great lunch date with my mom.  Then I went home to read and relax while I waited for Donny to get off work.  Then we headed out for our date night to celebrate two years of being together.  :)  Greensboro has a new theater much like the Studio Movie Grill in Texas, and since we saw Fast Five at SMG two years ago this weekend, we thought it would be perfect to see Fast and Furious 6 there this weekend!  (For those of you not acquainted with Studio Movie Grill, it's basically a restaurant and theater combined.  They've got a menu, and you order from your seats while waiters bring you food and drink before and during the movie!)  
The movie was okay.  Granted, all the F&F movies are ridiculous by nature, but I actually did enjoy Fast Five.  Not so much with Fast & Furious 6.  The food, however, was DELICIOUS.  I had a margherita flatbread, and Donny had a grilled cuban sandwich.  Both were amazing.  The food was not even a little economical, but it was a special occasion.  This place is definitely not an outing for a regular weekend.
Saturday, we had breakfast with a cousin of Donny's who lives in eastern NC.  Jennifer and her boyfriend were coming through our town, and we got to meet up with them!  Donny had never met her before, but she and Richard were delightful.  Hope we can see them again in the near future!
After breakfast, we decided to go test drive a few cars.  We were on a fact-finding mission to determine which one we liked but weren't really angling to buy one.  But, to make a (very) long story short, we bought a 2013 Hyundai Elantra!
I absolutely love this car. I knew the moment I sat in it that this was the car.  It's so pretty, and it's got all the awesome features.  I'm in love.  :)  When we first sat in it, there were only 4 miles on it.  Brand new.  I've never had a brand new car in my life, and I like it!
We had dinner that night with my parents to show them the new car, and they loved it too. I think my mom is even considering a Hyundai for her next car. :)

Sunday was our usual Sunday.  We went to church, had lunch at my grandma's house, and then went to hang out with my dad for a bit.  Memorial Weekend Sunday is his favorite day of the year-- the Formula One race in Monaco, the Indy 500, and the Coke 600 all in one day?  He's in heaven.  But that also means that he doesn't leave the house after church, so we went to him to say hi and to pick up the title to my old car that I had to take by the dealership.

We then spent most of our Sunday afternoon watching The Office on Netflix and reading.  Donny is slightly obsessed with The Office at the moment.  I have never liked the show at all, but now that it's been on around me for about a week solid, I feel invested and have to know what happens!
Monday was my favorite day though.  It was a bonus day, so I was already excited about not going in to work.  I got to sleep late, read my book for a while, then Donny and I went to play tennis before it got too hot in the afternoon.  When we got home from tennis, he blew up my inflatable pool that we had bought at target!  So, while I didn't lay by the pool all day, I did get to lay IN the pool and get some sun!  This one was just the perfect size that I could rest my head on one side and prop my feet on the other.  I was in heaven...  Donny left me to go see the Hangover, but I was cool in my pool.  :)

How was your weekend?  Hope you all have a great (short) week!


  1. WEEEEE have the same car now!!!!! I have a Hyundai Elantra and love it! :) Although I am really really really craving a convertible right about now!

  2. New car is awesome. SMG type theaters are never about economics. You are a good wife...watching any of those guy movies. I just wait for the Hangover movies to come on HBO so I can watch Bradley Cooper shirtless. :)

  3. So exciting about your new car!! Stuck w/ the same color I see!! You are too funny w/ the kiddy pool. I never go in pools b/c the water is too cold.

  4. I love theaters with food. Yum! I've only gone to one once, but I enjoyed the movie so much more! And congrats on your new car!! How exciting!

  5. WOOHOO new car!!! Congrats on that!
    (And Im drooling over that pizza pic!!)

  6. Congrats on the car! We just bought a new Elantra a few months ago, too. My husband loves it! We have been using it as our new roadtrip car and it has been great. I have a 2010 Sonata that I absolutely love, so it seems that we are becoming a Hyundai family haha. Looks like you had a great weekend :)

  7. Congrats on the new car & 2 years together!!

    Your day in the pool looks fabulous!

  8. That movie theater sounds awesome, except for the price, haha. But the food looks amazing!! And yay for a new car!!! I'm going today to look for cars but pretty sure I'm just going to get a used one because I can't afford new right now :( Oh well. Congrats on 2 years together!!!