Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oh Happy Day.

I'm in a good mood today, despite the dreary weather we've had all week.  How could I be anything but happy when there's so many good things happening around me??  For instance...

*John Grisham is publishing a sequel to A Time to Kill called Sycamore Row and coming out in October!

*These maxi dresses from Old Navy finally arrived at my doorstep yesterday!!  I'm wearing the one in the middle today!

*As soon as I turned on the car this morning, "Scandal of Grace" by Hillsong United was on.  I've heard it so many times before, but it really touched me this morning.  Take a listen...

*It's May, which means some of the best, most exciting TV is happening this month, but it also means that I'm about to go four months without some of my favorite characters!  (ps-- Shonda Rimes, how about we not have a bloodbath this year for the Grey's finale, hmm?)

*This sweet comment from my husband on yesterday's blog made my day.  He really is my prince.  :)


  1. not sure how long I'll last without a weekly dose of Jess Day or Sheldon Cooper....I'm addicted to both those shows haha.

  2. That song is so powerful. Oh and new girl?!!!?!!

  3. Ahhhhhhh I love your hubby's comment! Too cute!!! I haven't watched Grey's in two seasons .... I mayyyyy or may not catch up when new seasons r on Netflix ... I'm undecided lol

  4. I love the one on the right!! Post a picture of you wearing it! I want to order some ON dresses...

  5. Love those dresses! I bought one similar to the one in the middle a few weeks ago at NY&CO except its gray!