Monday, June 17, 2013

This Weekend I...

... left work early on Friday to get ready for date night with the husband!  
We took some books to the used bookstore to sell then to went to my favorite hibachi Japanese steakhouse for dinner.  Oh so delicious...
After dinner, we went to the new Golfsmith store since Donny has recently taken up golf.  This wall of driver covers cracked me up.
And then we went to a store that my brother has told us about that supposedly had a huge, unique selection of beer.  And it did have some cool stuff that you don't find in a regular store.  But some of those beers were insanely expensive (we're talking $5 for a single bottle).  Donny got some Shiner summer beer that he has loved, but he wasn't overly impressed with the place.

... read a lot in this depressing book on Saturday.  I can't say that I believe her claims entirely, but I really don't think she killed Meredith Kercher (although I never did even before I read the book).  The rest of her perception of the events just seems so far-fetched.  Although if what she says is true, she was completely railroaded and the concept of justice in Italy is a joke.  But I can understand why she feels the way she does, and it is fascinating to read.

... got a hole in one!!  I spent most of the day Saturday lying around the house or in the backyard and started to get a little restless by the end of the day.  So Donny got me out of the house to go play some putt-putt!  We ended up splitting the rounds, but I got a hole in one!!  :)
... finally watched Argo all the way through.  We went to see this movie in the theater when it came out, but we went to a 10:30pm showing.  So, I got a nice nap in during the middle.  But we found the blu-ray at Target on Saturday for only $15, so I finally was able to see the whole thing!  It was so good-- I highly recommend it! 
... had some birthday cake.  Sunday, we celebrated both Father's Day and my dad's birthday (which is today).  My mom made this delicious cake for him!  We're also going to dinner tonight on his real birthday.  :)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!
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  1. Hibachi!!! Oh my gosh, I love hibachi. Although, I always get a little anxious when they go to flick veggies in your mouth and you are just sitting there, at a table, with your mouth open, while someone flings hot food into it. Did they do the smoke onion volcano thing!? Oh man. I love hibachi. hahaha.

    Sounds like a good weekend!!

  2. I like hibachi too, very fun with a group too. That cake looks yummy, the icing is perfect. What kind of cake was it? Argo is on my list too!
    saw you on life of me

  3. Your hair looks so good for date night!
    I am so jealous you are such a motivated reader. I wish I could make myself read. I want to....I just never do. Well, unless you count Twitter and Facebook.

  4. Looks like you had a great weekend. Argo is definitely a good movie- glad you finally got to see all of it!

  5. I seriously just added that Amanda book to my goodreads after reading an older issue of People magazine that told me about it. I'm kinda curious, I don't think she did it either but who knows. I also have that Casey Anthony book on my goodreads too...

  6. Again - yourrr hairrrrrrrr. Luuuuurve.

    And sounds like y'all had a great weekend! Glad that Texan boy was able to find some Shiner!!

  7. Looks like you had a fun weekend! Happy birthday to your dad! That cake looks delish.

    Thanks for linking up :)

  8. You had a busy weekend!! I love Japaneses restaurants that cook the food in front of you. Yum! I don't think Amanda killed her roommate either. That whole situation is so sad. To think a country as "modern" as Italy has that terrible of a justice system. Scary!

  9. I wrote a whole paper about Amanda Knox in law school - there is plenty of evidence that signifies she might have had a a hand in it, but the way they went about collecting the evidence and the general way her whole trial was conducted is ridiculous. The trial would have been thrown out in so many ways if she was tried in the States.

  10. I know I'm so behind, but this looks like such a great weekend :) I always love when I get a hole in one in putt putt!!!