Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tried and True Beauty Products.

I'm pretty A.D.D. when it comes to beauty products.  By the time I make my way through an entire package of something, I've found four or five new products I want to try to replace it.  But there are a few that have been so great that I've repurchased.

Urban Decay NAKED Foundation.  This is the best foundation I've ever used, and I've tried A LOT.  It's pretty thin when it comes out of the bottle, but it gives plenty of coverage.  I like that it's light and doesn't feel heavy on my skin, but it evens out my redness and I can build it up to cover any blemishes.
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in 'Light'.  Full disclosure-- I haven't tried many pressed powders.  I grew up using Cover Girl and used it FOREVER until I found this MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, which I absolutely adore.  I love it so much that I haven't even considered trying anything else in a long time.  Benefit's Hello Flawless powder was good too, but it was much more sheer.  The MAC actually has some opacity to it, and I can use it by itself on "no-makeup" days.  I don't see myself straying from this for a while.
MAC Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil.  I know I've written about this before, but oh how I love this!  There's no mineral oil and no having to shake it up.  It cuts through my waterproof eye makeup like a hot knife through softened butter.  Love love love.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in 'Smog' and 'Sin'.  This is my go-to combo every day, along with 'Virgin'.  I use 'Sin' all over my lids then 'Smog' in the crease and outer corner.  Top it off with 'Virgin' just under my brow and in the inner corner, and you've got a fantastic every day eye look!
MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner Pencil in 'Industry' (a deep grey).  I don't use pencil eyeliners as much as I used to.  These days, I primarily use a dark eyeshow with a liner brush.  But sometimes I like to change it up and go with a pencil.  When I do, I go with the MAC Powerpoint.  The MAC pencils don't smuge, and are very smooth and easy to apply.  I've bought several of these and surely will again.
Clinique Moisture Surge and Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion.  I don't love Clinique's makeup (and I've tried a lot of it), but I really do love their skincare.  These two moisturizers are my favorite.  I use the Moisture Surge in the winter when my face is super dry and the DDML the rest of the year.  Moisture Surge is pretty pricey, but I only buy it once a year, so I can justify $40 once, rather than several times, per year.

When I started this post, I didn't know it would become a promo for MAC or Urban Decay.  But somehow that's where we ended up!  I can't help it-- they're two of the best beauty brands out there.  I can always know that their products are good quality and worth the money.

What are your favorite products that keep you coming back for more?


  1. Im gonna have to try the first three!

  2. Yes yes yes to Naked Skin, MAC MSFN, and the UD shadows!! I haven't been the biggest fan of Clinique skincare, but I haven't tried it in a while. I may need to give it another try!

  3. I love MAC eyeshadows but I pretty much use Lancome or Dermologica on my face now because I have very annoying and sensative skin and I had to give up mineral products because I am now old and once those fine lines start to show up the mineral products are a bad idea. BOO! Enjoy it while you can though because I loved them!!! MAC has a potted EYE liner and a Base for their Shadows that is to DIE for! pretty much...I love them....oh, I need to go check out their colors. They made me a little annoyed because they discontinued my favorite duo but they rename and recycle the colors so maybe they are back in rotation.

  4. I want to try the Naked foundation. I use the MAC powder and have both of the Naked paletted and love those a lot.

  5. We should be friends! I love all your favorites!