Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Lawyer.

I love photo an hour posts, and I've been wanting to do one myself for a long time but I always forget to get it started in the morning. But not yesterday-- I actually remembered! (Some pictures weren't taken exactly on the hour but sometime within the one hour span...)

6am (or 6:15 if you're being technical...)
Time to wake up!!  This is the least favorite part of my and Mr. Hershington's day as you can 
tell from the look on my face.

I am at the gym and very sweaty by this point, which you can't tell from this picture of my feet.  
You're welcome.

Out of the shower and hanging out with Jesus and my favorite devotional while I let my hair air-dry some.

I'm on my way to courthouse #1 of the day.  And thankfully the traffic is light this late in the morning.

My first case was an adventure.  It's never good when the charging police officer has visible contempt for your client.  But I escaped unscathed.  Today...

After a quick stop at the office to change out files and check phone messages, I'm now walking into courthouse #2 to deal with some clients who weren't pleased that they weren't my first stop of the day.  Lesson of the day-- you can't please every criminal every time.

One guilty plea and one absent client (resulting in an order for her arrest) later, and I'm FINALLY sitting down at my desk for the first time today.

Oh hallelujah, it's pb&j time.

My missing client appeared at my office during lunch, so I'm now back in court to try and get the judge to strike the order for her arrest.

Success!  Client walked out of the courthouse NOT in handcuffs.  And I'm headed back to my office in the sky.

Spend all morning and part of the afternoon in court, and you'll be on the phone the rest of the day.  Some clients require a lot of hand holding, and some of them won't let a paralegal do that.  So, I have the privilege.

I spend my last half hour of the day deciding which clients get bills this month and which can wait until later.  
Isn't the life of a lawyer glamorous??

Wednesday nights typically mean we have dinner with the parents and grandma.  She picked Cracker Barrel this week, which was just fine with me!  Their chicken and dumplings are heaven on a plate...

A necessity sometimes after a Cracker Barrel dinner...

I was exhausted after my day, so we spent the rest of the evening on the couch.  And since there was no baseball, that meant we could catch up on some DVR'ed Jeopardy!
Around 9pm, I start getting ready for bed.  My two best buds at night are MAC Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil (which I obviously need to replenish!) and Cetaphil cleanser.
I fall asleep to the soothing sounds of The Office in the background.  Bliss.  :)


  1. Sounds like a super busy day! Im tired just reading it all! :)
    (I can relate to the hand holding of clients. Sometimes parents are the same way! haha)

  2. Whoa, what a long day. Mmm, I love Cracker Barrel & haven't eaten there in forever!! Nate and I watch Jeopardy every night! :) And The Office is our fave too, we've been re-watching the whole series on Netflix :)

  3. "you can't please every criminal every time" LOVE IT!! Haha:) I can't even imagine what being a lawyer is actually like. I think I'd probably just want to pull my hair out. =P

    Also, I now want Cracker Barrel. Dang it.

  4. I love the glimpse into your life, thank you for sharing! And yeah, wake up time is never good for us our our teddies!

  5. Love this post-- what a fun idea! Really does look like a fun life haha. My day today would have had 2 gym visits... I went this morning but had to leave early due to a stomach ache. But I made it back to do my strength work outs. And also-- I loved your "Can't please every criminal every day." So true.

  6. What a fun post! Most of the photo a day posts are fairly boring, but I really enjoyed yours!!