Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Friday.

Yep-- I'm posting twice today.  I'm linking up with Stephanie and Sarah for Happies & Crappies!

- I finished installing my new blog design last night, and I love it!!  Still a few things left to tweak, but it's up and that's all that matters today.  :)

- One week from today, we'll be in Washington, DC!  It's one of my favorite places in the world (second only to Chapel Hill.  I can't wait to show Donny my favorite places, meet up with Christy and Jenn, eat the best Indian food I've ever had, visit a new ballpark/stadium when we day trip to Baltimore, and SO much more!
- It's Friday!  It's been a crazy busy week around here (which is a blessing since it was way too slow for comfort there for a bit), and I'm looking forward to some relaxation this weekend.

- I made it to the gym early three days this week and felt fantastic.  The one day in the middle that I slept in, I felt gross all day.  So, I'm starting to appreciate getting up early and how much better I feel when I do it.

- It's hot.  Yes, I realize it's summer.  And yes, I realize it could be worse.  But, I hate hot weather especially when I have to walk around in it all dressed up for court.  Walking into a courtroom sweaty and panting = not a pretty sight.
- We're trying to come to Texas for Thanksgiving this year, but holy cow it's crazy expensive.  By the time we both fly, check a single bag, and rent a car for 3-4 days, we'll have to sell our first three children to pay for it all.  

- I'm about to finish Burn Notice season 5 on netflix (which I'm LOVING, btw...), but they haven't put up season 6 yet!  I hope they do soon or else I'll be stuck waiting for it before I can start season 7, which is currently recording on my DVR.

The happies definitely outweigh the crappies this week, so I know it's been a good one!  Hope y'all have a great weekend!  :)


  1. I love how much better I feel during the day when I go to the gym first thing in the morning. However - I am SO BAD about actually doing it. I just can't get myself out of bed early enough.

  2. YAY for DC trip!!
    I'm with you on the hotness. It's 110 with the heat index here. I live in DC, not Texas!! haha

  3. In jealous of your DC trip! That is great re: gym. I've gone twice this week and plan to go tonight. Flights at Thanksgiving are always crazy expensive. You are smart to book now!

  4. I hate waiting for a new season to be added to Netflix. It makes me not want to finish the season I'm currently on. Have fun in DC!

  5. i thought i was the only one left watching burn notice! the last 2 seasons were "meh" but this season is actually much better and i'm really enjoying it!

  6. I really prefer morning workouts, but there just isn't anything around right now for me to do in the am! I simply can't motivate myself to go to the gym in the morning without some sort of class to attend. I hope the expense for Texas pays off!

    Visiting from the Happies and Crappies hop!