Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Never Ever Ever.

... will I enjoy waking up early.  I like being up early and going to the gym and getting stuff done.  But getting myself up and going is the hardest part of my day by far.

... will I understand the obsession with celebrities.  Royals, Hollywoods, whatever.  If you have a "baby watch" for a person that you don't know in real life, I don't get it.

... will I get rid of our Netflix account.  Seriously, I don't know how I lived before I had it!
... will I stop planning trips.  I LOVE traveling and constantly want to go somewhere new or take Donny somewhere he's never been.  We're going to DC and Baltimore this weekend (qualifying both as somewhere I want to take him and a new place for me!  Win!), and I'm now planning our Labor Day beach trip.  It's been WAY too long since I've seen the ocean.
... will I abandon my Yankees.  Even when they suck and it pains me to watch like it has this summer...

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  1. YAY for trips! I like being up early too...makes me feel productive with my day (even if I just sit around and be lazy) but I also don't like waking up early. Especially when it's earlier than my normal.

  2. I am SO glad I'm no the only one who doesn't get the Royal Baby hype. Like whyyy do we care?? :)

  3. ...I'll just be taking a moment to decide if we can still be friends. #RoyalBabyObsessed

    BUT the trip to DC sounds awesome!! ;)

  4. I agree, you can't let your team go...not really...even if your team is the evil empire...I guess. You can't help who you love.
    I only care a little about the Royal Baby. I am not obsessed. I loved Dianna but aside from that it is kind of over for me. Yawn.
    You and Rachel are going to make me get a Netflix account.

  5. Come to Destin or Pensacola Beach, FL.. our beaches are the best.. I'm dropping in by way of the link up today and I mentioned the "baby watch" too! hehe!!
    And I wanna know how I didn't see The New Girl on Netflix.. O-M-G!

  6. I hear you on the baby watch. I am over. it.

  7. Ditto on the last one...except it's for my Tribe and my Browns ;)