Monday, July 22, 2013

This Weekend I...

... had a watermelon cupcake from Gigi's.  It was good except there were tiny little chocolate chips all throughout that I could have done without.
... had a lovely date night with Donny on Friday night!  We went to see Red 2, which I really enjoyed and then went to dinner.  Yum yum.
 ... went to an event at a local winery with some folks from work.  We had a blast, and I found a wine that I actually liked!
Of course, the wasps liked it too...
But the place was gorgeous, the live music was good, and the company was fun.  Donny and I had a blast!
... finished book #34 of the year!  I'm glad I upped my goal from 30 to 50 now.  It didn't take me long to read this one, but it was good.  Full review will be forthcoming!

And that was it!  It was a nice, calm weekend before the craziness of the next few.

How was everyone else's weekend??
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  1. That cupcake looks delicious, your hair looks amazing, and I hope you got more wine to make up for the fact that the wasp drank some of yours. ;)

  2. Cute cupcake! I also love your hair, it is so pretty:)

  3. Haaaaaaaiiirrrrrrr. Love. Also I love wineries! Looks so beautiful!!! Glad you had a great weekend! Love your new blog look too :)

  4. Fantastic...all except the wasp - yuck!

  5. The cupcake looks amazing and so does your hair.

    Looking forward to the review.

  6. Any time spent at a winery is a good time. Sounds like a great weekend!

    Stopping by from the link-up!

  7. Katie I may have to stop reading your blog. You give me a reding inferiority complex! I am still working on the same two books I started reading on July 4th. I think that was 6 books ago for you! :)

  8. wait- you don't like wine?!? It took me a while to love it as much as I do now, but trying several different types (during a trip to wine country) changed my whole love of wine!

    also- the pic of the bee gave me a HEART ATTACK (phobia.)

  9. Why don't you like mini chocolate chips?! It looks delicious anyway. And what wine did you find that you (and the wasps) liked?! I like sweet wines, I'm not a dry wine fan, or a red wine fan. Definitely has to be sweet.