Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When Good Books Make Good Movies.

I love today's topic at The Broke and the Bookish-- Best Movie Adaptations.  There are SO many movies that are book adaptations, but not all of them are great.  I generally find that I will fall in love with a book and its characters much more than I will a movie.  But, of course, there are some exceptions to this rule.  In coming up with my list, I kept it to only stories that I had both read the book AND seen the movie.  And the movies I selected are all somewhat recent (i.e. in the last 15-20 years).  So there's no To Kill a Mockingbird, Gone With the Wind, Little Women, etc. on my list, even though they'd be at the top of any all-time great movie adaptation list.

I Never Had It Made/42-- Great book, great movie.  Stuck to the book like glue (despite leaving out the second half of it).

The Reader-- Talk about a sad book/movie.  One of the most true-to-book adaptations out there.  But I wouldn't necessarily recommend either unless you're into weird and depressing stories during the Holocaust.

Something Borrowed-- Great book and great movie!  They hit all the plot points/twists in two hours.  And the characters were pretty much exactly what I had imagined.  Except John Krasinski as Ethan was way better than the Ethan in the book!

Hunger Games-- I was really surprised at how well this one turned out.  There was SO much that happened in this book, and they managed to get it all in.  Great, great adaptation.

The Lincoln Lawyer-- One of my favorite books and my favorite movies.  Even Michael Connelly himself said that Matthew McConaughey was the perfect Mickey Haller.  I absolutely agree.

The Help-- Again, a book with SO much meat in it, but it was all covered beautifully.  Gave a great visual to a wonderful book.

The Great Gatsby-- I know that not everyone will agree with this, but I thought Baz Luhrmann's adaptation was absolutely fantastic.  The grandeur and the colors and the feel of it was so different than the previous Redford/Farrow movie.  But I felt it was equally as appropriate and wonderful.

Mystic River-- This one comes with a small caveat-- I didn't finish reading the book.  But oh my gosh was the movie fantastic.  And what I did read was well-represented in the movie.  Talk about a dark and twisty story that will stick with you for a while...

Devil Wears Prada-- Hollywood has a tendency to kill chick lit books in movies.  But this was a great exception.  Meryl Streep WAS Miranda Priestly.  Perfect Casting.  And Emily Blunt as Emily was great.  I could go either way on Anne Hathaway, but this was one chick lit book that was not killed by its movie.

Atonement-- I absolutely HATED this book.  I only read it because I wanted to see the movie, but then the book turned out to be so horrible that I didn't want to watch it anymore.  But I did...  And it was equally as horrible.  But, this list isn't my favorite movie adaptations.  It's the best.  And this movie really was an all-but-perfect adaptation of the most depressing book of all time.

What are your top movie adaptions?  What books/movies did I miss??


  1. Love the way you set up the covers/posters for your post. Adding a couple of these to my list. Happy TTT! Dannie @ Left to Write

  2. I have The Reader on mine too! It was such a fantastic story/ movie. Great choices!

    New GFC Follower!

    -Sonnie (Here's my TT)

  3. Did you know they just made a sequel to The Devil Wears Prada? It's called Revenge Wears Prada....hopefully they make a movie out of it! :)

  4. I like this post a lot. I'm surprised you had "Hunger Games" on here. So many people complained that it wasn't true to the book, but I think they did a great job. The trouble with turning a book into a good movie is that everyone pictures things and characters differently, so one person's vision might not match another person's. I know that's true of even my most recent book. Rachel had a different idea of what Luke (a main character) looked like than I did. But that also makes it fun.

  5. I love a lot of these movies, so I need to read the corresponding books. Sometimes it's hard to watch the movies first, because then you have the actors in your head.

  6. I must really be terrible because I have only seen 4 f these movies and I haven't read any of the books. I guess what I read isn't what Hollywood makes into movies when you discount Harry Potter and Twilight. Yes, I just admitted I read all the Twilight books...didn't I? Oh, well.

  7. Something Borrowed made my list too. I have had the Lincoln Lawyer on my TBR list forever. I should get it out and then watch the movie. I loved Matthew McConaughey in A Time To Kill.

  8. Good list, I loved The Hunger Games as well.

  9. I'm seriously dying laughing at your Atonement paragraph!! hahaha!! I aboslutely hated that movie too. I have never been so mad. I was like..really?? That's it??

  10. Okay, clearly there's lots of books I need to read :) Some of these I didn't even know had a movie with it!

  11. Oh I definitely agree about 'Something Borrowed' and 'The Hunger Games'!! So many people were disappointed in Hunger Games but you can't put EVERYTHING into a movie!! They kept it as true as they could, besides who gave Katniss the mockingjay pin, but I thought it was great.

  12. While I thought Matthew McC was a great Mickey Haller, the "Lincoln Lawyer" is one of my favorite books and I felt the movie didn't do it justice :( I was bored during a majority of the movie, while I couldn't put down the book.

    As far as "Something Borrowed" - I hated everything about the movie EXCEPT John Krasinski. I realy want them to do the "Something Blue" adaptation since Ethan is so much more prominent in that one, but I thought they made the characters all so unlikeable and unrelateable. I also hate Ginnifer Goodwin, so I wasn't really rooting for Rachel and Dex.

  13. Now I need to pull out the Something Borrowed DVD and watch it again! I thought they did an excellent job adapting the book to movie. So good!