Friday, August 30, 2013

The Best Holiday.

Technically Christmas/my birthday is my favorite holiday.  But Labor Day is a very close second.  And while I realize that sounds a little bizarre, there's more to be excited about than just a single Monday off of work:

College Football.  Labor Day weekend is the beginning of college football season.  Autumn Saturdays spent either in Chapel Hill for gameday or in front of the tv for all the games are the best.
 Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  Starbucks (historically) releases the oh-so-delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or frappuccinos in my case) on the Tuesday after Labor Day.  I can't wait! 
The US Open.  The US Open is the last major tennis tournament of the year, and is my second favorite (after Wimbledon, duh).  The tournament always sandwiches Labor Day weekend, running through the week both before and after it.
Myrtle Beach!!  Labor Day weekends typically find me at Myrtle Beach.  We had a little detour last year with Donny moving and our cross-country road trip, but generally I'm at the beach on Labor Day.  And that's where you'll find me this weekend.  :)

Was I right or was I right?  Labor Day is awesome.


  1. Have fun at MB. I'm heading to the Cape!

  2. I love Labor Day! Hope you have a great weekend in Myrtle Beach!

  3. One of my college roomies lives in Myrtle Beach. I hope to be able to go visit her someday soon.

  4. Labor Day weekend is the best! Have fun at the beach!

  5. Your Labor Day weekends sound awesome! I like how it's an event for you. Mine was spent in Chicago with my 21 month old goddaughter who calls me "Laua." Yeah - I'm in love.

  6. First of all, LOVE this new layout! Which might not be really new, because I've been MIA lately and haven't checked blogs a lot...oops.

    And second, I love Labor Day, too!! So excited for Fall stuff :)