Monday, August 5, 2013

This Weekend I...

... celebrated Donny's birthday!  We went to dinner with the whole family (parents, grandparents, brother and his fiance) then everyone came back to our house for cake and presents!  My mom made a super delicious chocolate cake (that we have been enjoying for several days now...).

On our way to dinner
The birthday boy with his cake and swag
One of the awesome gifts I got him!

... went to see 2 Guns.  After cake and presents, it was still pretty early, so I let the birthday boy decide what he wanted to do.  And go see 2 Guns was it.  I think I ended up liking the movie more than he did though!  It was really funny with some interesting twists that weren't predictable from the beginning.  It's not an Oscar-contender, but it was definitely entertaining.

 ... watched baseball.  Our Sunday School class had an outing to our local minor league team on Saturday night.  We had a great time hanging out with some fun folks.  It was so muggy though that I had to take a cold shower when I got home to cool down.

... read some more in this book.  I'm SO close to being done!  I really had planned to finish it this weekend, but I'm about 40 pages away.  I really like this book, but for some reason I just can't sit down and fly through it like I can most books.  I have to take breaks with it, which I guess is why I've been so slow to read it.

Other than that, our weekend was pretty uneventful.  We needed a nice, relaxing weekend after the frenetic pace of last weekend in DC!  Tonight, my parents and my mom's BFF are coming over to watch the Bachelorette finale.  I can't wait to see what happens!  Who else is watching??  (No spoilers, please.)

Mingle 240 


  1. Sounds like Donny had a fun birthday weekend! Can't wait for the big finale tonight!

  2. Happy Bday Danny! Sounds like a fun time!


  3. Happy belated birthday, Donny! Glad y'all had a great weekend!

  4. I'm so glad he had an awesome birthday!! My friend Brian went to see 2 Guns this weekend too and said he really liked it. I might see it eventually!


  5. Looove the Dwight bobble head, so awesome. I've been wanting to see 2 Guns, glad to hear it was pretty decent.

  6. Looks like Donny had a nice weekend. Glad you could celebrate w/ your entire family since he has to be far from his family. Looks like your family did a great job of making it very special.

  7. Bobble head is pretty cool! 2 guns was pretty funny!

  8. OMG! The Dwight Shrute bobblehead is hysterical! I love that show :).