Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday Randoms.

- Alex Rodriguez finally started a game last night for the Yankees.  On the same day that his 211 game suspension is announced...  I really don't have any idea why he has decided to appeal the suspension or what the evidence is against him.  But, he's on my team, so I want him to do well and help us win.  And of course, as a criminal defense lawyer it's not that difficult for me to see him as innocent until he is proven guilty.  I won't be surprised when that day comes, but for now I just want him to hit some home runs!
- I was so glad that Desiree picked Chris last night!  I've liked how she's handled herself this entire season, and I was glad to see that she didn't let Brooks's departure ruin her time on the show.  I think she was right when she said that him leaving allowed her to really invest in Chris.  And let's be real-- Chris is SO much of a better catch than Brooks....  (Drew was never even a factor for me.  There was never any chance that she would pick him.)
- I bought my first NYX Cosmetics products the other week (thank you BOGO sale plus coupon at Ulta!), and I really, really love them.  I bought the blush (shade: Amber) to replace my NARS Orgasm, which has gotten way too shimmery as I make my way to the bottom of the pan, and the eyeshadow (shade: Iced Mocha) as a non-glittery dupe for Urban Decay's Sidecar shadow.  The Butter Gloss (shade: Creme Brulee) was just because it was half off, and I wanted it!
I could not be happier with these purchases!  These items ran me a combined total of $10, and were exactly what I wanted.  The blush is matte but the perfect peachy pink shade, and the eyeshadow is a nice soft taupe color with a hint of shimmer but no glitter.  The gloss doesn't have too much color on its own, but it's VERY moisturizing and long-lasting.

- I'm all caught up on the Netflix series I've started.  I'm desperate waiting for Season 6 of Burn Notice to arrive, but until then I'm not sure what I want to watch.  I tried Orange is the New Black but hated it.  Other suggestions of series I should start??


  1. Iced Mocha is also a dupe for MAC Satin Taupe! Love that shade. I also think Wet N Wild single eyeshadow in "nutty" is really similar but for $1! I love NYX!! I will have to check that blush out!

  2. I was so shocked that it wasn't Brooks that it took me a while to accept Chris. But I really think he is a much better match for her. He seems like such a great guy. I like her a lot. I think they edited the show to only show us her feelings for Brooks but I'm sure she said more about Chris too.

    As for A-Rod I think the whole thing is so sad. I wish they could just play ball w/o doing drugs. I wish that there wasn't always some scandal associated w/ baseball. But he will get what he deserves. Until then enjoy him on your team. Haha

  3. Have you watched The Mindy Project or Whitney? I would suggest it if you liked New Girl. I also love Duck Dynasty, but it may not be for everyone. I just think Sid is ridiculous/funny.

  4. What all shows have you watched?? I've heard good things about Orange is the New Black so that makes me sad to hear you didn't like it. We seem to have similar taste. Have you watched "The Bridge"? I love that show!