Monday, August 26, 2013


This weekend was pretty uneventful and relaxing, which was very welcome after a crazy busy work week last week.  Both Donny and I had pretty intense weeks, so it was nice to just have some time to rest this weekend.

I spent a lot of my weekend reading.  After some pretty sad books, I went back to some old standbys-- David Baldacci and Michael Connelly.  I finished The Innocent on Friday night, Echo Park on Sunday afternoon, and started The Overlook on Sunday evening.  I'm SO glad that I got back in the reading groove this weekend.  I had slowed down my pace to less than a whole book a week, but I picked it back up!

Saturday morning, I was up early to play a tennis match that my partner and I had been trying to schedule for almost two weeks!  The crazy rain we've had this summer has made it difficult to get our matches in.  But Saturday morning was BEAUTIFUL.  When we got out there around 9:30, it was 68* and sunny.  Perfect tennis weather!  It was also sunroof-open weather!

Sunday morning, we were surprised to see our Sunday School leader appear in the baptistry to baptize his son!  It was such a great moment.  He, of course, got choked up as he was telling the story of his son's salvation, and there weren't many dry eyes near me either.  What a great way to start the Lord's Day.

I have a feeling (from looking at my calendar) that this week is going to be just as busy as last week.  But in just four days, I'll be at the beach!!  Can't wait!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  :)
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  1. Yay for relaxing weekends:) it's so nice to slow down once and awhile, nice book choices!

  2. Ah how I miss tennis...and when I mention to my hubby about going to play, he just looks at me like I'm crazy. Glad you got a game in :)

  3. Congratulations to your Sunday School teacher's boy! What a great day that must have been :)