Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall Bucket LIst.

Before I get to my Fall Bucket List, let's see how I did on the summer list!  
See an MLB and MiLB game.  Yep! Two MLB games and lots of minor league games, so this one gets a check!
Watch Fireworks.  Again-- yep.  After the Kannapolis Intimidators game.
Go to the Beach.  I think this was my favorite one to check off the list. :)
Have a Pool Day.  Probably my second favorite to check off.  Such a great day with my mom at the pool.
Read Lots of Books.  Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, I finished 18 books.  Check!
Travel to a New Place.  This would be Baltimore.  Check.
Do Something New.  In July, we went to an outdoor concert at a winery with a co-worker of mine and her husband.  I had never really been to a winery, and it was a great evening!
Make Something New.  I didn't really make anything other than food.  But I did try multiple new recipes, so I'm counting those.
Take Pictures with my DSLR.  I did some-- especially in DC and Baltimore.  We took the camera to the beach, but I left the memory cards at home.  So, no DSLR pictures were taken...  Boo.
Go on a Bike Ride.  Total failure here.  Not even close.
Go to a Farmer's Market.  Nope.  Didn't get to one.

So, overall, I think I did pretty great on my summer list!  I decided not to get quite as ambitious with my fall list, though, since fall is usually pretty busy plus Donny will be back to school.  But I'm pretty excited about getting all these done this year!
Blowing Rock
Go somewhere for our Anniversary
(anywhere but home)
Visit Texas
College Football game
More DSLR pictures
Read 15 Books
Make something with pumpkin
Go to the fair


  1. You did pretty well on your list lady! :)

  2. You did great on your summer one! I totally want to go to a college football game!

  3. There are still a few weeks left in summer (technically), so you can still finish strong.

  4. You did great on your summer list! I'm sure hitting a farmers market would be easy to add if you want to. I bet there will be some yummy apples coming in soon, especially up your way! Yay for college football! I'm hoping to make it to at least one Carolina game this year!