Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday is Here.

I wish I had some clever, pithy story to tell you all about my weekend, but I don't.  My weekend was full of books, new recipes, and coffee.  Not too exciting, but kind of just the way I like it...

A good portion of my Friday was spent in the jail, which is not usually the way I like to start my weekend.  But it's a fact of life for a defense attorney. 
I made stuffed shells for the first time ever, and they were AMAZING.  
Recipe to come.
I also made pumpkin fluff, which was delicious as usual.
And I attempted to make my own Pumpkin Spice Latte.  
It was not that good, but I'm not giving up on figuring it out. 
Saturday, Donny went to a car show in the morning while I finished book #48 of the year.
It wasn't my favorite book, and I was glad when I finished it. 
Later that night, we went to Barnes & Noble after dinner while it POURED outside.
B&N is a very dangerous place for us, but we made it out with minimal damage to the credit card.
I played with our new Keurig for a while this weekend.  It's fun for now and convenient at times,
but I can definitely see this being shoved into a cabinet when the new-ness wears off. 
I watched the Emmys last night, and I was pretty disappointed that Modern Family won again.  
I thought this year was by far their weakest yet, while Big Bang Theory was dead on every single week.
While practically none of my favorites won last night, the one award that I was most 
invested in was the Best Guest Actress in a Drama.  I ADORE Carrie Preston in The Good Wife,
and I'm SO glad she won!!

Of course, this week is one of my favorite weeks of the year-- the new season of television!  I'm so excited that all my favorite shows are back, and I can't wait to try some promising new ones.

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  1. I love new shows! I'm looking forward to Parenthood and Nashville. I love stuffed shells and they are so easy to make. I've been dairy free for a week and I miss cheese.

  2. okay the pumpkin fluff and stuffed shells both look amazing and you have to share the recipes so I can try and attempt them! ha. What show are you most looking forward to this week? Mine is a toss up between The Voice tonight and Grey's Anatomy on Thursday.

  3. I'm most looking forward to The Voice, Nashville and Grey's!!

  4. Definitely looking forward to those recipes-- they look delicious! I'm so glad my shows are coming back this week, especially Once Upon a Time. I'm hooked on that show...

  5. "A good portion of my Friday was spent in the jail"... bwaaahaha fabulous!

    I haven't seen Modern Family past this last season, but I found it hilarious--so maybe I should watch the old stuff to see?! ;)

  6. yeah... im gonna need that stuffed shells recipe!

  7. that picture of stuffed shells looks amazing...can't wait to see the recipe! I agree that Barnes and Noble is dangerous, but I love it so. :)

  8. Oh, I can't wait for your stuffed shells recipe, looks yummy!

    Hope this weekend is nice and relaxing, too :)