Thursday, September 12, 2013

Songs that Define Me.

I'm not a huge music lover.  Sure, I like to have the radio on while I drive, but I frequently don't know names of artists.  And I don't remember the last time I went to a concert unless I was playing in the orchestra for it. However, there are many specific songs that are so much a part of my life that I immediately feel like I've taken a ride on a time machine when I hear them...

When I was little, we listened to a lot of country music.  Somehow along the way, I lost my ear for it and really don't like it now.  But these songs will always hold special places in my heart.

Garth Brooks-- Thunder Rolls.

Sawyer Brown-- The Dirt Road.

As I got older, I started listening to other music.  A lot of it was contemporary Christian music, which is still primarily what I listen to now.  But, I also got into mainstream pop music in junior high and high school.

Live-- Lightning Crashes.  This was the first song that I remember liking that wasn't country or Christian.  I've got it on my iPod and listen to it even now sometimes.

The Wallflowers-- One Headlight.

Goo Goo Dolls-- Iris.  Really?  What list of music from the late 90s doesn't have this song on it??
I remember listening to it over and over and over during heartbreak in junior high.

Jimmy Eat World-- The Middle.  This became the quasi-anthem for my senior class.

Then I went off to college and law school, really branching out for the first time on my own and learning what kind of music was "me." This was the time I developed a love for the 70's and 80's music.  I listened to Aerosmith, Journey, The Eagles, etc. quite a bit.

Chairmen of the Board-- Carolina Girls.  This was pretty much a given at Chapel Hill.

Five for Fighting-- 100 Years.  This song will forever define my senior year of college.
It's about growing up and older, which was staring me in the face that year.

Billy Joel-- Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.  I fell in love with Billy Joel my senior year of college.  It's a love that has carried on to this day, but I remember the exact moment when I first heard this song.

The Fray-- You Found Me.  This song came out right as I was about to graduate law school.  I listened to this album a lot while I was studying for the bar exam, and it never fails to remind me of that time in my life when I hear it.

Once I was (finally) done with school, I started to develop a fondness for some hip-hop (aka good dancing music).  I also had a brief love affair with Rihanna before she went crazy.

Usher-- Yeah.

Then, I met Donny, which (as you can imagine) led to a whole slew of songs that have been important at different stages of our relationship.

Warren Barfield-- Ten Hours.  During the long-distance phase of our relationship,
I would seriously sit at home and listen to this song and cry.  I can't listen to it anymore.

Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson-- Don't You Wanna Stay.

Billy Joel-- You're My Home.  One day when I was feeling particularly guilty about "making" Donny move here and leaving his family and home, he sent me this song.  It was one of a few Billy songs that I had never heard before.  There may have been more crying...
Billy Joel-- Just the Way You Are.  This was the first dance song at our wedding.

So, there's the soundtrack of my life.  What songs define you?

Helene in Between


  1. Warren Barfield is my fave, thanks to an introduction from my friend Courtney. I've seen him twice live, and it never fails that I tear up because it's so moving. Love these!

  2. Interesting, Katie. Our soundtracks are very similar. Thunder Rolls, Dirt Road, Iris, The Middle, 100 years, You Found Me, Yeah, and Just the Way You Are. We share all of those.

  3. I love The Thunder Rolls, especially the version off of his live album. I've never heard Dirt Road before, You Found Me was a song my sister and I loved when we were in high school/junior high and I love when Iris comes up on my 90's pandora station!

  4. Billy Joel and Usher on one list?! I love it.

  5. Five For Fighting reminds me of college too. I love all the variety!

  6. gahh I love Lightning always gives me chills!

  7. I have always loved Billy Joel. I grew up listening to it, and I think that's why I'm now so fond of guys who play piano. :)

  8. Five for Fighting was the only one I recognized on here! Honestly, my mom didn't let me listen to the radio very much until I was in late middle school, so I just listened to all my parent's music. Frank Zappa from my dad, and Indigo Girls and Lyle Lovett from my mom. I still love them all today. I had a long distance relationship song too! And lots of just plain old lovey relationship songs. Lots of Norah Jones!

  9. "You Found Me" is still one of my favs!!

    Alisha @ The Alisha Nicole

  10. Love your song choics!
    Great list.